World of Final Fantasy Opening Released

World of Final Fantasy is looking to be something amazing, and I am so excited to get my hands on it come October 25th. After revealing that people outside of Japan will be able to play the demo for this game on October 17th, they released the opening to the game.

I really do enjoy when games have an anime flair and style because that means anime cut-scenes can always occur. This game is no different and with the chibi style flowing through the game it just begs for an anime form.

This opening is packed with monsters and characters fans have really grown to love over the long life of the Final Fantasy series. This game is really going to be something that I think will provide fans and newbies alike with a fantastic Final Fantasy experience.

Catching these creatures and stacking them is also something that hasn’t been done in a game so I am excited to really try something out that is so new. If you like Final Fantasy, anime, and Pokemon style monster capturing then you will find something in this game. Even though I haven’t had as much exposure to this series as I would have liked, I am so ready to jump in and play this game.

This game may look cute but it really has such in depth world of playing to discover, so if you can at least give the demo a shot on the 17th!

Below is the trailer which I have already watched multiple times because it is amazing. This game is coming out on the 25th in the US, the 27th in Japan, and finally the 28th in Europe.


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