Family Guy S15 E3 ‘The American Gigg-olo’

The family is watching the news when they find out the pilots are having a strike. Brian finds out he is no longer getting insurance through the Griffins. Brian recounts how he has a got a hernia when he nearly saved a woman.

Peter retells a story of time he was on the Access Hollywood bus with Trump.

Quagmire finds a bachelorette party and they think he is a stripper.Stripper Quagmire can’t possibly go wrong, right?  Brian got a job at a hardware store and is acting like a working man now. Brian is such a flip floppy character he never really does for himself always changing to suit the people around him.

Quagmire leaves his friends to strip and the guys follow him to find out what he is up to. They find him stripping and he is shocked to see them there. He says he is only a dancer but soon changes his tune when a hot bride to be wants to have intercourse with him. There is even a cameo by the “Who else but Quagmire guy” a nice call back to previous episodes I’d say.

Peter goes to pick up Quagmire and ends up becoming his pimp. Brian is trying to really do his job even when he is out of work. He is happy and Stewie almost lets him enjoy himself as the credits roll, of course Stewie is going to destroy his happiness.

Peter is taking his pimp duties to a new extreme because of course he is. Peter can never not take things to the next level because that is just the kind of guy he is.Stewie gets Brian fired when he hires some Hispanic men. They shake up a can of soda and give it to his boss, which actually does the trick.

Quagmire is part of a prostitution documentary, Peter as the pimp is also involved. All Peter wants is to see Guardians of the Galaxy but is worried there may be scary parts. Stewie causes Brian’s hernia to rupture and Brian tells him to help him. Stewie helps Brian and feels super happy with himself.

Peter and Quagmire get into a spot with a rough German woman causing Peter to apologize and they quit the prostitution game. Good thing guys, get out of the game before it really does something terrible to you. This was a decent episode, a little more risque then some episodes but all around a good episode. I will certainly keep watching this show until it is done, because the humor is still there!


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