MacGyver SN1 E4 – Wire Cutter


It was nice to see them sticking with the “opening gambit” formula this week.  Riley, Thorton, and Jack all make it back to the getaway vehicle but Angus is late.  As usual.  But, of course, he makes it in time to deliver a quick line and make good his escape with his team.

I loved the scene with Bozer’s intervention.  See, Bozer has seen the program running on Mac’s laptop … ya know, the one where he’s looking for Nikki.  However, since Bozer doesn’t know all the secret details about Mac’s job, he doesn’t know that Nikki isn’t dead.  So all of Mac’s friends that are in on the secret are there with Bozer to try and convince Mac to get on with his life and let the dead girlfriend go, because it’s just creepy.  I just know that at some point (perhaps season cliffhanger time) Nikki’s gonna show up again.  Also present at the intervention is Penny Parker (played by Bianca Malinowski)!  If you watched the original, you’ll recognize that name.  In the classic serious, the role was played by Teri Hatcher.  In this new version, she’s not someone that Mac met while on a mission and had to get out of trouble.  Nope.  In this version, they’ve known each other since childhood, but at least she’s still an actress.

In this episode, Mac & Co. have to work with an aging Russian programmer and his handler to stop a Russian terrorist from setting off a nuclear bomb from the cold war era.  So basically, older versions of Mac and Jack.  This gives us the best line of the episode when Riley says, “It’s like someone put you two in a copy machine and you came out all wrinkly and Russian.”  But, a close runner up is George Eads singing Salt n Pepa’s Push It.  I still have that song stuck in my head.  Thanks, Mr. Eads.

Again they showed us the bowl of paper clips.  I really like this running gag.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… George Eads’ Jack Dalton makes this show for me.  I probably wouldn’t watch it without him.


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