Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo coming super soon!

Our wait is finally coming to a close for the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. I for one am super excited to step into the Alola region and see a little of what it has to offer. I know many people are also excited as well, even though we have just about a month until the game’s release.

Now this demo will probably not be so extensive but I think that is going to be part of its charm. This demo will just whet our appetites and allows us to hold out for the big release.

Fans have been curious about what will actually be involved in this demo and recently it has come to light that we will in fact be fighting a member of Team Skull, Plumeria with a level 40 Pikachu. This Pikachu even has its Z-move at the ready so we can try it out for ourselves.

For those of you that don’t want to play this, I think you should reconsider as it is the only way you can get Ash-Greninja. Ash-Greninja is obviously Ash Ketchum’s Greninja and that is super cool. He really has been instrumental in making this season of Pokemon hands down one of, if not the best. Though of course, the Original Series was also so amazing.

I am excited to get a taste of what Alola has to offer and can’t wait until it is released in around 24 hours or less. I’m curious who is and isn’t excited for this demo, feel free to tweet me @StarkWyvrnGamer


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