Son of Zorn S1 E3 ‘War of the Workplace’

Zorn destroys his step father’s sandcastle at the beach. Zorn yells at him but he is saved by his wife. Zorn then destroys two little girl’s sandcastles, relishing in their screams. Alan is wearing sweatpants to hide his animated legs and is ridiculed by a bully.

Zorn is talking to an IT Guy about his adventures. Alan is being bullied and his stepfather and mother find out. They try to help him but he pushes them away.

Zorn can’t help but play at work because he wants to fight. A man comes in and steals the office’s hot sauce of course Zorn isn’t going to stand for it. Zorn tries to call his coworkers to war and ends up shorting the lights in the office. Zorn is crawling through the air ducts when his ex wife calls to tell him Alan is being bullied. How will Zorn over react to this?

Alan tries to talk to his bully insults him getting punched for it. Zorn gets one of his coworkers to keep watch and goes to steal back the hot sauce. Zorn goes to talk to his son, who still doesn’t want to tell the truth, until Zorn knocks his hat off to show his black eye.

Zorn tries to teach Alan to fight but is told to stop. His mother and step father begin offering help. His mother’s instincts kick in when he tries to attack her and it is pretty cool to see.

Zorn booby traps the fridge to stop people from taking anything. Zorn is punished for booby trapping the break room. Zorn’s friend comes to see him and tell him the thief is taking more things. Alan’s mom gives him a note to give to his gym teacher that he is allergic to chlorine. Zorn puts blood into a bottle of cranberry juice which the thief drinks.

The thief’s boss makes him apologize and Zorn is upset that they won’t fight. Alan gets out of gym class and when his bully comes in they have a fight, but Alan uses his step dad’s move. In  a swift kick he knocks his bully back and ends his bullying once and for all. He definitely realizes that being half magical has its perks.

Zorn’s boss gets him to enjoy work finally. At dinner he sings of Alan’s fight. When Craig sings along he breaks his instrument. Another good episode in a weird and interesting show. You can never be sure what antics are going to occur in this show, that is for sure. Looking forward to the next episode ‘Weekend Warrior’


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