Son of Zorn, S1 E4 ‘Weekend Warrior’

Zorn is shopping with his ex wife Edie and Craig, he is going to take Alan for the weekend and they need to stock up. Alan is allowed to have skateboards and Zorn just wants him to love him. Zorn would definitely allow Alan to do whatever he wanted but is caught between a rock and a hard-place because of his ex. It really is quite prevalent in our society which always makes this scenario work in shows.

Alan is trying to look cool to his new friend, and tells them he is throwing a house party. Zorn is asking anyone he can for help but with little luck. Alan is changing because he is trying to be cool. He ends up saying some not so appropriate things to his mother and step father, who then also tries to be cool by repeating them.

Zorn is trying to be a good dad, but is clearly boring Alan. It is obvious Zorn doesn’t want to be like this, but he feels he must and that is okay, you can’t be your son’s friend and parent after all. Alan gets a text from his friend asking when they should come over. Zorn kills the fun of the evening by dancing to Blues Traveler and Alan leaves with his friends, taking his lava gun. Zorn really should have taken better care not to leave that out, paper towels aren’t going to stop anything.

Zorn soon realizes the gun is gone but its too late. Alan and his friend Jeff get into a scuffle and launch a blast of lava into the parking lot. Zorn saves the day and punishes Alan, sending him to his room.

Zorn actually can be a pretty good father, when he listens to his ex-wife. He really just wants to make up for lost time, and with a son as old as Alan he doesn’t have that much time to do so. I’m sure by the end of this season he will be a lot closer to his son, and that is all any father can want.

Another good episode to this weird live action/ animation hybrid show. The animation really does allow this show to go anywhere the artist’s art can take them and that is a good thing.


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