The Weekend’s Top 10 Box Office Chart 14th-16th October 2016

Hey movie fans! It’s that time of the week again where we take a look at what’s been going on at the box office. It’s been quite a quiet week for releases, so let’s see what’s new, and what’s clinging on for dear life!

Chart Legend

Rank / Movie Title / Studio

W/E Gross = Weekend Gross /T/Gross= Total Gross /LW= Last Week

Green = UP / Red = DOWN / Blue = No Movement / Teal = New


rsz_the-accountant-movie-teaser-poster1. The Accountant/WB

W/E Gross           T/Gross          LW

$24,715,000      $24,715,000      NEW

rsz_kevin_hart_what_now2. Kevin Hart: What Now?/Uni

W/E Gross          T/Gross           LW

$11,984,245     $ 11,984,245      NEW

rsz_girl-train-poster3. The Girl on the Train/Uni

W/E Gross          T/Gross           LW

$11,974,915       $46,558,510       #1

miss-p4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children/ Fox

W/E Gross          T/Gross           LW

$15,000,000      $65,832,789       #2

rsz_1deepwater-horizon-2016-full-movie-watch-online5. Deepwater Horizon/LG/S

W/E Gross          T/Gross          LW

$6,350,000        $49,335,332       #3

rsz_storks-16. Storks/ WB

W/E Gross          T/Gross          LW

$5,600,000         $59,144,046      #5

rsz_mag7header7. The Magnificent Seven/ Sony

W/E Gross            T/Gross         LW

$5,200,000          $84,827,562     #4

rsz_middle_school_the_worst_years_of_my_life8. Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life/ LGF

W/E Gross            T/Gross          LW

$4,250,000            $13,760,795    #7

sully9. Sully / WB

W/E Gross           T/Gross            LW

$2,960,000           $118,371,637     #8

rsz_1birth-of-a-nation10. The Birth of a Nation/ FoxS

W/E Gross            T/Gross           LW

$2,715,000           $12,243,134      #6

So that’s your lot! A surprise entry for Kevin Hart, and a huge success for Ben Affleck‘s turn in The Accountant (even though Rotten Tomatoes has given it a not so fresh 51%…!) Join me again next week to see what’s doing well, and what’s sinking without trace.

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