World of Final Fantasy Demo out worldwide! 

So this week, Square Enix has been nice enough to bless us all with a demo for World of Final Fantasy. After they gave us the Dragon Quest Builders Demo it was basically assured that we would also get this demo.

Playing it, I felt rely happy as this game has been on my radar for awhile. This game really seems like something new even though it’s a little Pokemon like.

The characters are there from past hits and they all speak which in this day and age is becoming more likely. I am really excited to see all of the monsters that I will be able to obtain.

If you didn’t know this game has 200+ monsters for you to obtain and stack. Yes, I did say stack because in this game you stack monsters to fight. You can switch between Lilikin the chibi size or Jiant which is obviously Giant. 

The story is said to be 100 plus hours and with all the different stacks and monsters that could be even higher. 

All I know is what I played definitely layer way for me to be even more excited for its October 25th release. Plus if you do play it, you get a special mirage, so if it sounds fun give it a shot!


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