The NXT Review – October 14th, 2016

Whats Up Wrestling Peeps! This weeks NXT gave us another first round match in the 2nd (annual?) Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. I would be hard pressed to come up with a better opener than the Team of Glorious 10 Bobby Roode & Tye Dillinger.

Bum-flexes aside (is that what you’d call them?), I would love to see Glorious 10 pop up again in the future. For a team that I’d never consider putting together, the stars really aligned for these pair, much in the same vein as “Best FriendsChris Jericho & Kevin Owens.

It’s just a shame we didn’t get much of Tag match here.

Talk about burying the lead, how could I not mention the return of Eric Young with his Sanity Posse. Remember the riot footage from D Generation X’s Titantron? These guys look like they just came from a riot around the corner. Or maybe a less Back Woods Wyatt Family.

Either way a newly reinvented Alexander Wolfe & Sawyer Fulton singled out Dillinger in the corner leading to the Glorious One deciding he would survive to fight another day and exited the ringside area. There goes Glorious 10 but here’s hoping this is the start of a feud between the two.

Hey, lesser things have started WWE Wars before.

My Hater-Aide is out because I disagree with NXT’s decision to go hard on Liv Morgan. It may be just me but her matches are just plain sloppy and not on the level of her competitor tonight, Billie Kay. I’ll give her the ‘early days’ card because – who knows – she might win me over but to waste Kay’s time in this “Liv is Scrappy” feud is just ridiculous. Especially given that she helped debut Ember Moon at the last TakeOver event.

I’m enjoying this Mean Girls team-up alongside Peyton Royce but if Liv Morgan is their only target. I don’t see how she is much of threat that justifies them teaming up against her.

Now NXT Women’s Champion Asuka on the other hand …

The tale of Blake & Murphy is a sadistic one. One minute they’re the hottest NXT Tag Team Champions only for them to get split up and enter a weird feud – if you can even call it that – where they wrestle infrequently only to lose. That ultimately culminates in a thrown together blood match where there isn’t much at stake.

At the end of the day, they’re both losers. Which explains why essential they were chum in the water for Grumpy Samoa Joe.

Yes, once again Grumpy Joe is on hand to squash another batch of NXT Superstars – If I was in the Locker Room about now I’d be asking for a check on my health insurance stat – and call out Shinsuke Nakamura. Who this week kindly obliged returning to in-ring action with a decidedly cold demeanour.

The two warning Champs went at it as security struggled to keep them apart. With Nakamura going so far as to attack the officials (or Trainee wrestlers dressed up as officials) to get at Joe. The action would eventually spill back into the ring where Nakamura gave Joe a much deserved Kinshasa for his time spent in the emergency room.

It won’t be too long before Samoa Joe gets his rematch at TakeOver Toronto on November 19th but I got a sinking feeling that something is gonna go down before then.

Stay tuned Wrestling Peeps!


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