Lucifer SN2-EP4 ‘Lady Parts’



Last week Lucifer and Decker investigate a gruesome murder after a video of the crime surfaced on social media, and Mamma Morningstar is to live as Charlotte Richards  as her punishment handed down by Lucifer. We also seen Amenadiel really struggling with the loss of his powers.

SN2-EP4 ‘Lady Parts’

It looks like Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Decker (Lauren German) have another serial killer on their hands this week as they investigate the death of two young women. Lucifer is distracted while in session with Dr Martin (Rachael Harris), he is playing Sex Words with Friends on his first mobile phone with Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). Dr Martin tells Lucifer, his distraction could be a barrier for his problems, but Lucifer hears that distraction will help from having to deal with his problem with mamma dearest.


Lucifer isn’t the only one who is distracted and you can see that when they arrive at the crime scene, Lucifer senses that Decker needs to get out and live a little. Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) looking like a Stepford wife is a little frazzled as she throws her failed spicy chicken casserole in the bin, Charlotte tells Maze she has learnt that having sex with her husband renders him mute. But even though it’s worse than hell she gets to be close to her sons.

Ella (Aimee Grarcia) figured out that one of the young girls Daria died from mandrake poisoning. With Decker and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) getting a divorce, she will need to find a new place to live, which Lucifer finds as the perfect distraction and makes some calls on Decker’s behalf. The duo arrives at the house of the last person Daria had spoken with, they are met at the door by a man brandishing a butcher knife and covered in blood… It’s ok he was making sausages. Decker also notices how distracted Lucifer  in frustration he calls Maze to ask her to Chloe out for drinks in hopes it distracts her.


Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) stops by Dr Martins to return a book, she can tell something is wrong and as a friend, she offers to listen. However, he tells Dr Martin that his problem is physical, that things aren’t working like they used to. Dr Martin thinks that Amenadiel is talking about Amenadiel Jr not standing to attention and tells him to loosen up, if only that was the problem it would be differently easier to fix .


Decker and Lucifer find Daria’s roommate dead in Daria’s apartment with the same triangle stamp on her wrist. Decker rocks up at Lux and wants to go over the lab report, Maze suggests that she and Decker go to the bar that the roommates had been to. It quickly turns into a girls night, and Dr Martin suggests they all share a secret to break the ice. We learn Dr.Martin was a phone sex operator, Ella stole cars, we already know Maze was forged in hell and Decker drops the divorce bomb.


Decker and Lucifer figure out that Daria’s neighbour Lily is responsible for the girl’s deaths.  Maze tells Lucifer that she and Decker are going to be roommates, Lucifer is convinced all the women is his life are ganging up on him. Amenadiel asks Lucifer what he asked their father for in exchange for bringing their mother back to hell. Amenadiel points out that Lucifer hasn’t fulfilled his part of the deal, and Decker’s life could be in grave danger. However, Lucifer doesn’t believe their father would be interested in one little soul….. Decker is driving while talking to a landlord about an apartment, when she is suddenly hit by another car.

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Lucifer airs Mondays at 9pm ET on FOX.


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