Impact Wrestling: TNA gets funding to survive, at what price?

cartertnaOk, on this episode of As TNA Turns, the heat  us  on  Dixie  Carter  like  never before. Starting with the company sale delay, lawsuits, and unpaid bulls. I for one appreciate the dedication Dixie gave to  TNA, but she’s just don’t have the wrestling savvy to run a wrestling company. Dixie has found some funding to continue taping well into December of 2016. Does this add on to accumulative debt that their already in?

Reports implicate that TNA debt is as high as 3.4 million dollars. Not to mention a lawsuit filed by TNA President Billy Corgan. That’s just one lawsuit, Dixie also has a case against her for unpaid travel bills by American Express Travel Related Services.

With all the stalling, WWE has list interest in purchasing the TNA archive. That’s a pretty penny TNA has lost out on. Corgan who I call the Savior of TNA, us completely fed up and now a good relationship with Carter has gone bad, looking to the state of Tennessee to reconcile the issue.


Corgan requested the case to be sealed to protect sebsitve financial information from any competition against TNA. Corgan truly believes in TNA protecting it at its lowest state. Corgan isn’t alone in the protection, survival, and growth of TNA.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment, parent company of Fight Network who is a licensee of programing to broadcast TNA in U.S and Cnanda, offered to fund Impact Wrestling to pay back Billy Corgan for his loans to finace the company.

Personally, from the looks of it everyone just want Dixie out of the picture once and for all. All are willing to move one with Corgan running things, believing he is the best suited to run the wrestling company. Only time will tell, I just want more solid good ol’ pro wrestling aired, cause pro wrestling needs it.


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