Nintendo Switches things up with their new console

It is finally here, the moment many have been waiting for. I honestly had no idea what to expect tuning into this first reveal trailer. 

Suddenly Link is on the screen, a man playing Breath of the Wild, he soon disconnects from his system and connects the controller to the gamepad. Then he is outside playing.

I am blown away by the coolness of this system. You can actually play it anywhere and it can instantly be mobile or stay at home. 

The music in this trailer was amazing and I really enjoyed the energy it gave me. There were times when I couldn’t help jam out a little.

The games lineup also got me pumped from Zelda, to Mario, to Splatwoon, even Skyrim made an appearance.

It looks like anything goes with this system and I really wonder what other games could come out. So excited for 5 months to fly by so I can get my hands on this system. Really just so excited now.

Good job Nintendo, you blew me away. The Nintendo Switch comes out in March 2017, so mark your calendars now!


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