American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 6’

Last week’s episode ‘Chapter 5‘ we learned of Edward Mott who built the Roanoke House, however  during construction there were a few gruesome incidents. The Colony still continues to haunt the Millers. Matt and Shelby also find themselves on the wrong side of the very odd Polk family and the matriarch Mamma Polk (Frances Conroy).


Roanoke ‘Chapter 6’

Chapter 6 starts with the following statement:

My Roanoke Nightmare was the television success story of 2015. With minimal promotion, the show garnered 23 million views by its finale, topping that week’s airing of Sunday night football, Empire, and The Walking Dead. Eager to capitalise on the success, the network asked the producer to create at follow-up series.

The Producer of My Roanoke Nightmare Sidney James (Cheyenne Jackson) armed with a film crew ambushes Frank, the network president, with a surprise on-camera pitch. Sidney details the documentation od the reality that the audiences are craving, including social media and marketing, he wants to reunite the Millers and the two actors who played them for his new his idea Return To Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, which he wants to be a hidden camera reality show that will be filmed during the “Blood Moon” and capturing the real reactions to the fake scares he intends to set up. Sidney also mentions  that he brought the Roanoke house from Matt (André Holland) and Shelby (Lily Rabe) . He emerges from the meeting with the greenlight for 13 episodes, however, its short-lived when Sidney’s assistant Diana Cross (Shannon Lucio) tells him Shelby refuses to participate.


10 weeks before the “Blood Moon” Sidney sets up an interview with Shelby in Ojai. Since the show, Shelby and Matt have separated and she has been receiving death threats. Shelby had a fling with Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.), who played Matt. Shelby insists that Dominic is not to be involved, however, unbeknownst to her, Dominic is already contracted. Two weeks prior to the “Blood Moon the Roanoke house is being fitted with additional cameras and scare gimmicks to create drama. Alissa, a crew member had found a circle of dead fetal pigs to Diana’s and Sidney’s attention, no one knows how they got there. It’s not the work of the Polk family, they have been MIA for weeks.


Agnes Winstead (Kathy Bates), the actress who played “The Butcher” talks about her experience on the show but there is a little more to Agnes’s story, an incident occurred when Agnes terrorised and slashed at bystanders down Hollywood Boulevard, which landed her a stint in a mental health facility and charged with assault. Sidney thinks Agnes is responsible for the fetal pig incident at Roanoke and slaps her with a restraining order. My brain keeps telling me that perhaps Agnes isn’t crazy, but actually possessed by The Butcher while filming the show? Or am I over thinking it?


Another incident has happened at the Roanoke house, this time Greg, one of the crew is cutting wood for the hot tub, when his chainsaw was thrust into his neck, removing his head clean off and obviously killing him. Sidney decides to go ahead with production but Diana is furious and tells Sidney she’s done and speeds off, she films an affidavit about what is happening on the show and why she is leaving. Diana stops and turns the camera around and we see what looks like a Roanoke colonist, she continues to drive when the Piggy man emerges from behind her seat and kills her. Diana’s footage was recovered three months later by police, but her body was never found.

Audrey Tindall (Sarah Paulson), who played Shelby and her new husband Rory Monahan (Evan Peters), who played Edward Mott arrive at the house first, while filming on his phone she catches a glimpse of Agnes who smashes a window. Audrey has been terrorised by Agnes who has been stalking her. When Matt and Lee (Adina Porter) arrive you could cut the tension with a knife.


Another statement appears stating:

Over the next three days during the blood moon, every participant in the series died under mysterious circumstances.

Except for one.

As the night goes on in the house, Shelby tries to reconcile with Matt, while Monet Tumusiime(Angela Bassett), who played Lee, tries to blame method acting as Lee turned her into an alcoholic. When Dominic arrives, Matt sees red and attacks him until the others break it up. Audrey gets out of the shower to find the Piggy man staring at her. Rory,  furious tries to find Piggy man, thinking it’s a set up by Sidney gets hacked to death by the Jane sisters, who finally get to complete their MURDER tableau.

The show never aired and we are told that what we’ve been seeing is the assembled found footage.

Wow, what an episode!!! My fellow AHS fans, what did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know your thought in the comments. I don’t know about you guys but Wednesday can not come soon enough, bring on ‘Chapter 7’!

American Horror Story airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX 


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