Scream Queens S2 EP2 – ‘Warts and All’

The previous episode left us wondering if the ‘green meanie’ killed Chanel No.5, but no need to worry as she is very much alive, and even after seeing the werewolf lady being beheaded everyone is still treating her badly. The Chanel’s and the police suggested she was the killer even though she was locked in the bath. However, this episode was not all bad for Chanel No 5, as she (almost) found love with wart-covered patient Tyler (an unrecognisable Colton Haynes), but of course this was short-lived as he was murdered at the end of the episode.


On the left, Emma Roberts as Chanel No1, On the right, Colton Haynes as Tyler


Zayday and Chamberlin teamed up to investigate and confront Munsch about the hospital and the previous massacre of the hospital staff back in the day. This prompted Munsch to reveal the real reason she purchased the hospital, she believes she is dying from a mystery disease and wants find a cure. Determined to help, Zayday figures out that Munsch has Kuru, which she contracted in New Guinea after accidently eating human flesh. Zayday tells Munsch she had a year to live, what they don’t know is that Nurse Hoffel is listening in, but we do not yet know what she will do with this information.

This episode saw the return of Chad Radwell, who dresses up in the red devil costume to scare Chanel No.1, and also reveals it was Chad who was in the red devil costume at the end of the season 1 finale. Chad becomes extremely jealous of Chanel No.1 and Dr Holts relationship, prompting a tense game of ‘Squash’ and a steamy shower scene. This also leads him to find out Holt’s crazy hand belonged to a serial killer.

While wondering the halls, Munsch is attacked by the ‘green meanie’, and impressively she takes him down, but is interrupted by Chanel No.3 and Dr Cascade before she can unmask them. This leads Munsch to contact Denise Hemphill, now Special Agent. After speculating once again that Zayday is the killer, Denise suggests they should go to see Hester for help. Hester locked away, somehow seems to know all the details about the murders, but refuses to help until they give in to her demands.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode, it was so funny, probably due to the return of fan-favourites Hester, Chad and Denise, who are arguably the funniest of all the characters.

Last season killed off plenty of main characters and now we are really attached to these characters, and with Chanel No 5 surviving, will they be brave enough to kill off any of them this season?

Some questions we want to know; Will Holt be able to keep his killer hand under control? What does Nurse Hoffel want with the Chanel’s? Who will win Chanel No.1’s heart, Dr Holt or Chad? How does Hester know about the new killings? Who is the ‘green meanie? And is the hospital massacre killer and the present day killer the same person?

Have you already worked out who the ‘green meanie’ is? Let us know you theories in the comments.

Check out a clip of the next episode below:


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