Krampus Screenwriters to tackle Godzilla 2


It seems that Legendary films is stocking up their team for the workings of Godzilla 2. They are taking on some powerful writers such as Michael Doughtery and Zach Shields for this project.

Doughtery is known for his hand in such movies as Krampus, X-Men 2, X-men: Apocalypse and Superman Returns. This man has done some fantastic work and I am sure will do a wonderful job in the Godzilla universe. Though it may be some time before we see Godzilla 2 hit the movies theaters, it seems that Legendary films are bulking up to make this movie one for the history books. And further more, they are getting a writers room to help with development of their Godzilla vs. King Kong movie to come out in 2020. (That is fantastic!!)

If you have not seen the Krampus movie yet, do yourself a favor and go rent it now. That movie is awesome. If you don’t like scary movies, don’t worry; the creep factor is actually low in this one. It’s more funny than creepy, (and trust me, I don’t do creepy well.) ^_^


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