MacGyver SN1 E5 – Toothpick


This week’s opening gambit is just Mac and Jack on a “loooooooong stake out”.  Nikki has been tracked to an apartment in Lisbon, and the guys are watching it, hoping to finally catch her.  However, once they see movement in the window and rush in, they find out that Nikki’s made them and has sent a messenger with a key for Mac.  Nikki’s gonna be a problem for a while I’m sure.

There are a few things about this remake that bug me:

  • Mac never goes on cases alone.  In the original, Mac very seldom had “back up” or a partner on a case.  That was one of the things that made him so bad ass.  It was sort of like the saying about the Texas Rangers … “One riot, one ranger”.  In the original, they didn’t have to send a whole army (or team).  All they needed was MacGyver.
  • In the original, Mac never told anyone his first name.  Only the hard core fans knew his first name was Angus, and we didn’t learn that til like the final episode.  I remember how big a deal it was to finally find out Mac’s first name!  They hyped it in the promos for an entire week… that we were finally going to find out the big mystery.  Now, he introduces himself as Angus MacGyver.
  • And, of course, that RDA is not involved in the show.  But, I’ve sorta harped on that one enough.  Don’t ya think?

In this week’s episode, Team Mac is in Germany trying to save a witness that can finally put her boss behind bars.  Her boss sends a team of eight guys (that get dropped off by helicopter) after her on a non-stop train to Frankfurt.  Team Mac take them out one at a time until the bad guys get wise and just sabotage the train and kill the conductor.  So, with the driver dead and the train speeding up, Jack asks Riley if she can hack it.  With the computer jerked from its hole leaving just wires sticking out, Riley responds, “It’s a hole Jack.  I can’t hack a hole.”  So, Mac announces he has a plan…. Plan A, but it will get everyone on the train killed.  Jack tells him that they should move on to Plan B.

Plan B means they get all the passengers into the last few cars and decouple them from the runaway train.  Spoiler alert, but Plan B doesn’t work.  Mac’s homemade cutting torch runs out of fuel before it cuts all the way through the metal.  That’s when we get the best line of the episode when Mac says, “We have to move on to Plan C.” And Jack responds, “Plan C?  Plan C went out the window eight operatives and a helicopter ago.  We’re on like Plan F now, Dude.”

Mac manages to stop the train and save the girl…. even manages a bit of romance too.  At least that part seemed reminiscent of the original show.

George Eads’ Jack Dalton totally makes this show.  I know I’ve said that before, but I wouldn’t like this show nearly as much without him.


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