Once Upon a Time SN6 E5 – Street Rats


Well, it finally happened!  I’ve been waiting for Jaladdin since … well… since last season!  It was so worth the wait, but there was some sadness too.  Man, it just made me miss Robin Williams so much more.  I’m kind of glad they didn’t give us Genie.  No one can be the Genie except Robin.  They did give us a little glimpse of Abu though… but it was exactly like our glimpses of Chip (Belle and Gold’s coffee cup)… an inanimate object.

There were so many moments in this episode to love.  Archie babysitting under duress.  Wow.  That was so funny and cute.  I wish I’d had a barrier spell and someone to kidnap when my daughters were little.  Well, once the oldest was old enough, I guess in a way I did.  Emma and Henry’s discussion at the tomb was so moving it made Aladdin come out of hiding when he overheard it.  Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s long awaited reunion.  Emma’s “I saw the movie,” made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, back to what we learned this episode…

We learned that a Savior doesn’t have to STAY a Savior.  Jafar gave Aladdin a pair of magic shears that he could cut his thread.  Ya know, the whole Fates thing. (please notice the capital F there).  In doing so, Aladdin became just a regular Joe, no longer the Savior.  But, in doing so, that meant Agrabah fell.  Of course, Jafar didn’t give him the shears out of kindness.  Nope.  Jafar knew what would happen and did it for his own benefit, I just know it.

Aladdin gave Emma the shears to use when she wanted…. well, when she wanted to give up.  She didn’t keep them though.  I’d tell you who she gave them to, but I want you to watch the episode.  Maybe her hands will quit shaking now… because seriously, that’s starting to bother me.  Lord knows I love Jennifer Morrison, but her (acting) hand shakes need work.

Next week, it’s another untold story… 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!  So. Can’t. Wait.


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