Lucifer SN2-EP5 ‘Weaponizer’


Last week Lucifer and Decker investigate a serial killer. After the bodies of two young L.A. transplants are found poisoned, Maze convinces Chole to go out for drinks, in which she perceives as an act of friendship, but as we know, it was a bet between Maze and Lucifer.

SN2-EP5 ‘Weaponizer’

This week we meet Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel’s (D.B. Woodside) brother Uriel (Michael Imperioli) when he caused the accident that Chloe (Lauren German) was involved in. Lucifer suspects the accident was the work of his father’s intervention, Lucifer is equally pissed that Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Chole are still moving in together, Maze has brought some of her essentials (weapons and sex toys) to Chloe ‘s place before the move. Decker and Lucifer arrive at the crime scene and Lucifer identifies the victim as Wesley Cabot, the star of his favourite action movies, the Body Bags series.


Cabot was an eighth-degree black belt with a cocaine problem, but Ella (Aimee Garcia) confirms that Cabot was killed by an awards statue around 7 a.m, Ella still thinks Lucifer is a method actor and as he tries to convince her otherwise he sees his brother Uriel finds him on top of the building. Uriel visit to earth is not a social call, he tells Lucifer he has 24 hours to either bring their mother back to hell or he’ll finish what he started with Chloe.


Maze and Amenadiel try to convince Lucifer that Uriel will not stop until Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) has been returned, but Lucifer thinks he has an ace up his sleeve with Amenadiel, who is powerful enough to keep Uriel at bay. Detective “Douche” Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Lucifer share something in common with Wesley Cabot and the Body Bag movies…. Could there be a new friendship starting between Douche and Lucifer? Dan finds out that the young kid who seen the car leaving the scene remembers the license plate, it belongs to Jamie, Wesley’s ex-wife. She hasn’t seen her ex-husband in weeks, when she received a messages from him she went to the house but found his body and left quickly. Jamie is married to Kimo how was also in Body Bags 4 with Wesley.


Amenadiel visits Charlotte at work to warn her that she may not know her children as well as she thinks, but Mamma Morningstar isn’t worried now she has her “brave boys” around her. Lucifer and Chloe are staking out Kimo when they spot him about to jump a random guy at the bar and pick him up. Kimo, now an enforcer for the mob is broke, and his prints are on the murder weapon so they arrest him. Amenadiel thinks they should hide Charlotte and Chole until Uriel leaves, but Lucifer reminds Amenidel that he is the first born and Uriel was terrified of him, Lucifer hopes the sight of Amenadiel will scare Uriel off. However, that plan may have worked if Amenadiel wasn’t losing his powers. Amenadiel meets Uriel on the roof and tries to intimidate him into going home. Uriel hits Amenadiel and quickly realises something isn’t right with big brother, Uriel then spreads his wings and attacks Amenadiel.


Dan finds out that Kimo and Wesley shared the same agent and it looks like the agent has set Kimo up for Wesley murder. But he quickly realises that both actors had received the same award and that’s why Kimo’s prints were on the award. Amenadiel beaten and bruised has no choice but to finally tell Lucifer that he is losing his powers. Maze pays Charlotte a visit and that they need to talk. Chole finds herself in the middle of Kimo pointing a gun at his wife and agent, but Chloe is able to talk him down without any incident. Charlotte tells Lucifer she is going back to hell, it will make everything better if she doses, but Lucifer won’t have it.


Lucifer heads to a church to pray when Uriel shows up, he has Azrael’s blade and Lucifer realises that Uriel wants to wipe Charlotte out completely. Lucifer and Maze tag team Uriel , but get out classed and beaten up but when Uriel least expected it Lucifer plunged Azrael’s blade into Uriel and ends him. Lucifer has killed his brother and is mortified at what he has just done, he get home and Charlotte sees Lucifer is in a bad way and asks where Uriel is. “what have I done” Lucifer tearfully asks as Charlotte rushed over to hold and comfort her son.

Make sure check back forn next weeks episode of  Lucifer SN2-EP6 ‘Monster’

Lucifer airs Monday’s at 9/8c on FOX



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