TNA Wrestling: Could this be TNA “Final Deletion”

billycorganTNA, The Drama Continues. Does that sound like a good title? I think trekkies would appreciate it. I know who doesn’t, the TNA roster, or TNA fans. News coming in that TNA roster has not received paychecks for their work in Bound for Glory or any further tapings so far. Billy Corgan lawsuit has laid out a lot if TNA dirty laundry.

Including nopay for wrestlers, the taping funds has ceased as well. In Matt Hardy broken    vision    of    “Total   Nonstop Deletion”   and   a  3   day    taping    for November 1-3rd has been delayed for lack of funding by Impact Ventures.


According to Corgan the blame us being put on him for the delay of pay and funding by Dixie Carter lawyers because the pending lawsuit. Corgan implies that it’s   on   Impact   Ventures    stating, “Impact Ventures also continues to not pay its talent, except now defendants are blaming   me   and   the   temporary restraining  order  in  this  case  for lack of payment.”


Corgan further implies the Dixie lied about Corgan President just a title and his payments for ownership was just loans to the company, and that Jason Brown from Aroluxe Media has been running the day-to-day operations although  it’s not his duty.

Finally that TNA was never being sold to WWE. Billy says Dixie lied to him about any sale discussions she may or may not have had with WWE.

There’s a lot of finger pointing, and confusion going on in TNA. Personally I believe this won’t end well for TNA where the trust has been broken to the point of TNA wrestlers wanting to jump ship to the financially stable WWE.


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