Supernatural SN12 E3 – The Foundry


I sat down to write this review immediately after The Show was over last night, but the words wouldn’t come.  I had a severe and crippling attack of Sentit Contritum.  Don’t know what that is?  If I have to explain the jokes to you, they aren’t nearly as funny. (It’s Latin for broken feels… feel free to use it in any conversation about The Show.)

See, I wasn’t prepared for the sucker punch at the end of the episode.  I mean, it was a routine MotW episode.  I was cracking jokes the whole time.  Once, I even said “The family that hunts together stays together”, so yeah, I’m the one that jinxed it famdom… blame it all on me.

Last night, I had someone besides Lucy watching “with” me.  DJ wasn’t in the room with me, but he was texting with me throughout the episode, so I’m gonna include him in my watch party people.  Now, I like to start The Show a little late, ya know pause live TV at the beginning of things and then I can fast forward through the commercials.  DJ doesn’t do that, so he was a little bit ahead of Lucy and me. (yes, it’s supposed to be me not I; go google it).  So, I had just informed the millennial couple that had walked into the creepy house that they were gonna die, ya know cause they’re in the first two minutes of Supernatural, when I got DJ’s first text… “Holy creepy baby dolls, Batman!”  I quickly fired off a text letting him know I was a few minutes behind so he wouldn’t throw any spoilers my way.  So his next text was just simply … “Oh trust me.  Creepiness abounds.”  That’s the truest truth, I think I’ve ever heard…. truly.  (The last one was too much wasn’t it?  But, c’mon ya’ll knew I was gonna do it.)

Mama Mary found a case in a (gasp) newspaper.  The Boys agree it’s something and suddenly the game was afoot.  I loved the scene with Dean sharing his favorite road food choices with Mom.  He was so very excited to be sharing those moments with his mom.  I should’ve realized what was coming then.  I should’ve started building the protective wall around my feels right then, but I was enjoying watching The Winchesters hunt together.  The baddie was a ghost that was freezing the hearts of its victims.  After Mary got locked in the room with the creepy baby doll and the ghost of a young boy, The Boys got all protective and left her at the motel while they continued to investigate the case.  Their answer was to salt and burn the bones, of course… because that’s always the answer, right?  Not this time.  Mary didn’t like being sidelined and went back to the creepy house… and broke the first rule of horror!  She went into the basement!  Now, when I was discussing that point with DJ after The Show, he was quick to remind me… “That’s pretty much their thing though, right?”  Again… more truth.

Sprinkled throughout the scenes of The Winchester Family Hunt, we were treated with scenes of what Lucifer and Rowena were up to, and Crowley and Castiel on their own hunt…. to find Lucifer.  C2’s hunt gave us the best and funniest part of the show.  Castiel’s fake agent alias… Agent Beyonce… which of course made Crowley Agent Z.

Kudos to Rowena!  I mean, I love her anyway (Ruthie is da bomb!) but last night, she pulled one over on the Devil himself… you go girl!  Or as Lucifer called her… you Ginger Bitch!  Iggy Pop indeed!  I was really happy to see Rick Springfield being more like the Pellegrino version of Luci…. I just hate that this probably means that when next we see the fallen archangel he’ll probably be in a different vessel.  Bye, Rick…. you will be missed.

Now, here’s where we get to the bad case of Sentit Contritum.  Once The Winchesters got back to the bunker…. I got sucker punched!  I mean there’s nothing else you can call it.  Mary’s pronouncement … man, that hurt.  My reaction mirrored Dean’s.  He didn’t blink… and somehow managed not to cry, just angrily stepped back when she reached out for him.  Jensen played that so well.  You could see the pain radiating off of Dean in waves.  And Jared!  Sam was all clinical scientific nerd… trying to analyze the whys and the wherefores … and coming to some sort of understanding of the facts as she presented them.  I don’t get it.  Now, I know, maybe things would be different if I’d been dropped back into my daughters’ lives 33 years after I’d died…. but I just can’t see myself leaving my girls…. again.  I just wanted to grab Mary and shake some sense into her… Samantha Smith played that scene soooo f’n great!

Next week, some creepy Children of the Corn type people ask Sam and Dean if they know God.  Yeah, if you didn’t laugh at that preview, then there’s seriously something wrong with your sense of humor.


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