American Horror Story 6: Roanoke ‘Chapter 7’

Hi, I’m in for Presh again this week while she’s sans internet, but I’m always glad to give you a quick recap of what’s going on in the crazy world of American Horror Story 6. Last week, we were introduced to the new direction of the show – Roanoke, Three Nights in Hell. The actors and the real survivors of the ‘original’ show are all in the house together over the blood moon period. Rory (Evan Peters) already met his maker at the hands of the Butcher, and the action for episode 7 picks up immediately after.

Roanoke ‘Chapter 7’

We open in the production office, where Sidney (Cheyene Jackson) is watching as Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr) enters the house. Sidney and a camera man are monitoring all the action, and a runner comes in to bring them food. She leaves, and the camera man witnesses Rory’s murder. They are interrupted by the runner screaming. The men go out to find her, and Agnes (Kathy Bates) has slit her throat. She then stabs Sidney and the camera man – all three are left dead outside the production office.

Back in the house, the cast can’t find Rory. They become irritated with Lee (Adina Porter) because she insists of filming everything. This is because she (quite rightly) assumes the show is a plot to get her done for her ex-husband’s murder. They cast find blood but no Rory, and Audrey (Sarah Paulson) comes to the conclusion that Rory has run off to Hollywood to do the Brad Pitt movie, and left her behind because she is too old.

Agnes has stolen Sidney’s camera; she regrets killing the runner because she had a baby and was always nice to her. She talks to the camera about being a fan favourite, and how they extended her run on the original show. The lights go out, and when they come back on, she’s surrounded by the weird Blair Witch dollies. This is not going to end well…


Monet (Angela Bassett) and Dominic are drinking at 6am, and Dominic tries it on with Shelby (Lily Rabe). Shelby resists, but Matt (Andre Holland) says he doesn’t want her any more and Dominic is welcome to her. Shelby is devastated. In the confession room, Dominic reveals that he’s been hired to shake things up in the house. He’s come in to be the bad guy, and he’s ok with that, because villains get the most screen time. In the meantime, Shelby is in her room, still very upset about Matt’s outburst. Agnes sneaks up on her with a cleaver. Shelby tries to talk her down, but Agnes chops her. Shelby resigns herself that she’s going to die, and films Agnes. Dominic runs in and saves her, throwing her into a mirror. By the time they calm down, Agnes has run off.

Audrey tries to patch Shelby up, and Matt comes to help her, having softened towards Shelby. Dominic shouts at the camera for Sidney to help them and call an ambulance. They realise no one is coming and decide that they need to leave the house to get help. They argue about who will stay and who will go. Lee and Monet offer to go for help, and Audrey suggests that they go via the secret tunnel (which they are surprised to find out are hooked up with cameras – not so secret after all, eh girls?) They think they see Rory at the end of the tunnel, but it’s the real ghost of Edward Mott (I think it was Matt Bomer under the powdered wig and make up, but I’m not sure…) They run and escape into the woods, and Lee asks if the actors believe her now. Back in the house, Matt and Shelby are talking about their failed marriage. Shelby apologises or her moment of weakness, but Matt says their marriage was dead as soon as they moved into the house.


In the woods, Audrey, Lee and Monet can’t find the trailer. The two actresses clock the blood moon and want to go back to the house, but Lee is keen to continue. They finally find the trailer, along with the dead crew. Audrey is hysterical, and Monet tries to find some form of communications device, but is unsuccessful. Agnes runs out and surprises the girls, but Lee has a surprise for Agnes; she shoots her. The night draws in, and the women catch the torch-carrying Roanoke ghosts marching on the house. Audrey starts to film a Blair Witch style selfie monologue, saying how much she loves Rory, when blood starts dripping on her face. They look up and see Rory, who is very, very dead. Lee shouts to Monet and Audrey to get out, but they are captured by the Polks.


Agnes films herself stitching up from the bullet wound. She starts shouting that the house will be consumed by fire. Right now, Presh’s theory about her being possessed by the Butcher is looking pretty accurate… Back in the house, Matt is in bed with Shelby and he gets up apparently sleepwalking. He goes downstairs, followed by Dominic. The Horned Woman grabs him, and he says that he’s been waiting for her. Dominic goes to get Shelby, and when thy go to the basement, Matt and the Horned Woman are having crazy sex on the floor. Shelby tries to save him, but Matt reveals that he loves the Horned Woman, and that she’s the only reason he came back to the house .Shelby does not take this very well, and smashes his head in with a crow bar. Full on Negan style. No head left.

The Polks have Lee tied up. She begs for her life, offering them money to let her go. Momma Polk (Robin Weigert) gives her sons some scissors to cut her trousers off. They start to season her leg and stab it to ‘tenderise’ it (to make the meat sweeter). That may well be it for Lee now, although I think maybe she’s going to turn out to have masterminded this whole thing.

In the house, Shelby is in shock. Dominic tries to take the crow bar off her, and it suddenly hits Shelby what she’s done. Dominic tells her she needs to turn herself in, but she begs him to help her. He says it’s too late for that, because the cameras saw everything. Dominic tries to clean her up, but she’s too upset. Dominic sees Agnes outside; she’s back for vengeance.

The Polks have Monet and Audrey tied up. Momma brings them some food (implied it is Lee’s leg meat). Monet begs to be set free and Audrey asks where Lee is. She is very slow on the uptake. The women are forced to eat the jerky that is made from Lee’s thigh.

We’re back in the hose and Agnes is screaming at the cast to leave. Dominic tries to stop her getting in the house, but Shelby says they can’t stop them. Agnes meets the real Butcher, and is somewhat star struck. She begs her forgiveness for playing her, but the Butcher is not in a forgiving mood. She slices her head open with a cleaver.


It was an action packed episode this week. We have a huge body count now: Diana, Rory, Sidney, Camera Man, Runner, Matt, Lee(?), and Agnes – and we know all but one of Shelby, Dominic, Audrey, and Monet will die too over the next three episodes. They must be changing it up a bit; I mean, they’ve killed eight characters in two weeks, you can’t tell me they’re not going to drop it to three in three! Anyone else got money on Audrey surviving? Yeah, me too.

Join me or Presh (whoever’s online) next week for Chapter 8, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this weeks episode in the comments below, or on our Twitter page.

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