MacGyver SN1 E6 -Wrench


The opening gambit this week was my biggest fear… being trapped in my car in a deep hole while it’s being buried … well, or going under water in my car… but either way it means dying from lack of oxygen.  And also, being trapped in my car.  In a voice over narration, Angus admits during this portion of the show that his biggest fear is being unable to keep the people he loves safe.  OK, yeah, I’m afraid of that one too.  Of course, Mac saves them all by using the “explosion” from the airbags to blow out the windshield and they climb out to safety.

The main part of the show involved Mac having to try and stop an old nemesis from using a bomb to blow up the UN during peace talks.  Over the course of the show, we find out what Mac was doing just five short years ago… dismantling bombs in Afghanistan.  The Ghost (a bomb maker, and his nemesis) killed Mac’s C.O… which meant some touching scenes at the end with the young daughter of said commanding officer.

During this episode, Jack told Mac at least a half a dozen times… “You don’t get to do anything stupid alone”… that’s friendship goals right there.  My best friend just usually points and laughs while I’m committing the biggest screw ups of my life.  Of course, she helps me up when I fall down, but only after laughing at me for at least ten minutes…. and pointing out to everyone within hearing range that I fell and “busted my ass”.

They also showed us that Riley is taking bad ass lessons from Thorton… so I’m expecting Riley to show off her skills at some future date and save Mac and Jack.

The Ghost got away.  I like that (like the original) Mac doesn’t always get the bad guy.  Sometimes, he just manages to save the good guys.  I’m sure “The Ghost” will be back at some point.  Maybe he’s the villain I’ve been waiting on … classic Mac’s nemesis… Murdock.

Only time will tell.


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