The Vampire Diaries SN8 E2 – Today Will Be Different


This episode begins with Damon talking to a gun manufacturer at a convention.  Well, to be honest, he just makes parts of the gun… the non deadly parts.  Yeah.. .okay.  What he does for a living makes him the perfect candidate for Siren Snack.  Then it turns into a Desperately Seeking Sarah situation.

You do remember Sarah, right?  Sarah Nelson (played by Tristan Mays, whom you may recognize as Riley on the new MacGyver) is the last living relative of the Salvatore Brothers.  The Siren manages to get the name after peeking into Enzo’s brain.  So, after leaving clues for Bonnie to follow, Enzo and Damon go on a hunt for Sarah.  Bonnie and Stefoline go rushing to North Caroline to rescue Sarah.

Because of Bonnie’s need to save Enzo, she deviates from the plan.  She vervains Enzo and runs off with him.  So, when Damon shows up and takes Caroline’s daylight ring and leaves her stranded, there’s no one to help stop Damon from killing Sarah except Stefan.  In doing so, we find out why Enzo and Damon haven’t escape the Siren yet.  Their minds are bonded to hers, so if they get to far away from her they suffer intense pain.

Stefan does manage to talk Damon into not killing Sarah, but then the Siren shows up and steals a tiny tidbit of information… she now knows about Elena.  Then she sneaks into Damon’s mind… the little corner of it where he’s been reliving the memory of meeting Elena for the first time to keep some little piece of his mind safe from the Siren.  Now, he’s meeting her in that memory instead of Elena.  The Siren then uses her powers to keep Stefan from saving Sarah, so he has to watch her die while Damon leaves with evil incarnate.

We’re left with the mystery of why Ric’s intern has a tattoo of the symbol that is carved on an artifact from 1790 at The Armory.  I’m guessing once we figure all that out, we’ll know how to save Enzo and Damon.

… and kill Sybil the Siren.


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