Regular Show In Space S8 E16 ‘New Beds’

The gang is in warp drive after the last episode. They are all so curious about why Evil Pops wants Pops. Clearly something big is going to go down between them before the series ends.

Skips finds that his bed destroyed and they all decide they need beds, so they head to a Space store that’s clearly like Ikea. They are greeted by a Big Bird type Alien and soon head through a crazy mall as a bounty hunter follows. They see all the beds in stock, and there are some really interesting beds.

They go to get some Meatball subs and the bounty hunter is watching. They soon find the Bounty Hunter is chasing them and run through the store and its Oversized furniture room. They hide inside an armoir named Glom that talks to them and says Pops is the chosen one.

They are let out of the Armoir and run to leave. They need their beds though and as they get them the hunter catches up to them. She freezes the exit but Pops and the gang defeat her and trap her in a display. They head back to the dome and tell High Five Ghost and Muscleman what happened. The episode ends with them realizing they don’t know how to put together their new beds.

Quite a humorous episodes with a funny look at a popular store. I am liking that this season is centered around Pops as he has always been such a weird character.


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