Regular Show: In Space S8 E19 “Terror Tales of the Park VI”

Regular Show in a vein similar to the Simpsons has a Terror Tales episode every season. The characters all tell stories in hopes of scaring their friends. The space gang is also in attendance and this should be a pretty good episode I think.

Skips is up first with the story ‘Fear Planet’. Drifting through space with little gas the gang is forced to land on Fear Planet where all your greatest fears are realized. Benson jumps out to get gas and is killed by what he fears most, sharks. Skips then goes out and clears his mind so no fears appear. Of course he is afraid of something quite mundane, freestyle Frisbee players.

Mordecai tells Pops to name all the cookies he knows so he doesn’t see bad things. Mordecai goes outside and is soon attacked by all of his friends fears. Skips told the story to tell how much he hates freestyle Frisbee players.

Eileen tells the story ‘King Sized Candy-bars’, where the gang is trick or treating. They reach a house where they will get King Sized Candy-bars and shortly are looking around the manor. Muscle man is taken by a vampire  as Eileen runs to find the others. Next to be taken is Skips leaving only Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen to fight off the vampires. They are all soon bitten and muse about sucking the blood from the humans.

As the gang talks about how scary Eileen’s story was a black hole appears before them. I wonder what will happen to our heroes now?

The last story told by Rigby is ‘Alien Roommate’ where the gang is looking for a new roommate. The gang tries to no avail to find a new roommate to help with living expenses. They soon find an alien who is rather creepy but has money. While she seems like a good roommate at first she soon shows her true colors.

When they try to kick her out, she kills one of their space friends. In an homage to the alien movies they look for their roommate. I am enjoying this sequence the most because it is actually a little scary. They lure her out with her favorite television show and drag the TV out of the house so she chases it. They lead her to the air lock and attempt to release it but she has destroyed it. Muscle Man pushes her out into space and drifts away.

Once the story ends we find they haven’t gotten away from the black hole. They find that their bodies have gone through spaghettification. Neil Degrasse-Tyson talks about the science of black holes and eats them.

I think this was a good final Terror Tales of the Park, though I will miss these stories it ended on a good note. Excited for the next episode as always!



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