Regular Show S8 E18 ‘Alpha Dome’

Rigby is asleep at the controls as the ship blasts through warp speed. When it stops they are in empty speech. They find the Alpha Dome or the first dome sent into space.  They soon find the dome and the people living their happen to be Puritan in nature.

Their leader is a pockmarked face man named Silas who knows more than what he lets on about computers. The group is led to a pig silo where a robotic pig shoots at them. They destroy the pig with a pitchfork and run to the computer.

There is a log telling of how the leader Silas and his crew headed into a time anomaly. Running into the computer shed, he doesn’t end up losing himself like the rest of the crew.

Silas, realizing our heroes are going to rat him out, deems them witches. The Park’s dome smashes into the Alpha Dome and they begin an attack on the  opposing dome. They push the dome into the the time vortex, careful not move into the vortex themselves. They run into the shed and are not changed by the vortex. Finding the others now super intelligent energy beings they soon get what they needed to from them and are on their way.


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