Life in Piece S2 E1 Moving In, Moving Out, Pill, Baby Shower

Moving In: The first story of this season has Heather and Tim’s son Tyler and his girlfriend Clementine aiming to move in together. The parents have a meeting to stop their son from getting married. They go back to the his girlfriends house and finds they didn’t go there. His girlfriends family is certainly not normal per-say.

Going to see her Mother Joan she finds her son living there. His mother finally accepts his marriage and them living together under their roof.

Moving Out: The brother Matt is moving in with his girlfriend Colleen after moving out of his parents garage. Her old roommate is a monstrous woman who is ruining their life. Her masculine female roommate wants to wrestle him or she won’t move out.

Of course for comedies sake she beats him soundly. It is rather humorous seeing such a beast of a woman take down the scrawny yet strong willed Matt.

Pill: The dad is in the hospital suffering from the prolonged effect of Viagra. Their daughter calls and soon brings the family in to find out what is wrong. Of course they are all shocked and the men feel down about it. The dad finds out his wife has been crushing up Viagra in his smoothie every morning. Humorously he finds his life to just be a lie.

Baby Shower: Jenn is heading to her baby shower with Greg and their baby Lark when she has to change her clothes. Jenn has no idea that they are throwing her a baby shower since Greg told them accidentally. They all just want to celebrate her new baby so this will be hard for them to hide their joy.

They all act awkwardly as they usually are allowed to show their support for big events. John is drinking even though he is on drugs from the hospital. In trying to help change the baby the youngest child Sophia hands her a baby shower present. After a touching moment with her Greg’s mom she is finally okay with the baby shower. Of course it is best that she let them celebrate her baby.

A good first episode of the second season. This show is really something great because the family is so real even if the events that occur are quite zany. I love watching this show and seeing how things play out. Here’s hoping the rest of the season is just as good!


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