Simpsons Executive Producer James L Brooks Teases A Simpsons Movie Sequel, But What Should The Plot Be?


Could Spider-Pig soon be returning to the big screen?

Well, it certainly looks like it.

The Simpsons executive producer James L Brooks has teased the possibility of a Simpsons Movie sequel. Speaking to online news site LRM, he teased “Fox very much wants us to do another one, and maybe we will and maybe we won’t – that’s where it is. How do we divide our labours, and do we believe in the idea we have? We may go into a more active exploration of a second movie soon…”

But what should the plot of The Simpsons Movie 2 be? Here are a few ideas I’d like to see on the big screen.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Movie


You might be wondering why there’s a picture of the Marge robot from the season 13 clip show Gump Roast under the heading ‘Treehouse of Horror‘. Well, that’s because I want to see a Treehouse of Horror Simpsons Movie 2 where Marge becomes a robot. I know this was done in a fantasy sequence in The Heartbroke Kid but I want to see a feature-length version of the idea. Obviously the Treehouse of Horror ‘three stories in one episode’ approach wouldn’t work in a movie, so it would make sense for the focus to be narrowed down on one idea – and the Robot Marge storyline would have plenty of potential. Let’s explore further the idea of Marge becoming a Terminator-esque robot. What if she has to assassinate her own family? Imagine Bart and Lisa running for their lives from their own robot mother. It would be hugely exciting to see and give the writers plenty of ways to parody the Terminator series (which at this point has pretty much become a self-parody of itself).

Sideshow Bob Becomes U.S. President


How much worse can it get than your entire neighbourhood turning being against you?

The entire country, of course.

And who hates The Simpsons more than anyone else?

Sideshow Bob.

So what if Sideshow Bob became president of the United States? In a world where Donald Trump could become U.S. president, this is a very real, very scary and very topical prospect.  The Simpsons is at its best when it’s topical and placing Sideshow Bob in charge of America would create extreme amounts of danger and peril for The Simpsons family. Just imagine a world where the guy who wants to kill you is suddenly voted democratically into the world’s most powerful job role. Sideshow Bob would no longer have to rely on himself to kill Bart; now he’d have the entire army at his disposal.

Hank Scorpio Returns


Who doesn’t want to see Hank Scorpio return? He is an amazing parody of James Bond villains and it’s a travesty the character has only been featured in the series once. A Simpsons Movie 2 could change that. My proposed Scorpio return plot would see Hank team up with Mr Burns on a nuclear weapons project, where the pair scheme to nuke Springfield from the face of the Earth.

The only other person who knows about this plan?

Homer Simpson. And after the environmental problems he caused in the previous film, the other Springfielders (including his own family) don’t believe him.

Nuclear weapons is a major concern at the moment, so to make it a big threat in the next Simpsons Movie would (as with my previous point) help to make the film topical.

Simpsons v Flintstones: Dawn of Bedrock


Crossovers are all the rage at the moment, with the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe showing no signs of slowing down and DC throwing their two most popular superheroes together in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So why not see the two most iconic animated families meet in a feature-length adventure?

I’d love to see what happens when Homer Simpson meets Fred Flintstone – and a Marge and Wilma friendship would be interesting. The easy option would be for the Flintstones to end up in the present day due to a time travel mechanic, however I’d like to see a time travel experiment by Professor Frink accidentally send the Simpsons back in time to before Bedrock even existed. Essentially this would be a prequel to The Flintstones and a standalone sequel to The Simpsons Movie. Lisa’s reaction to the way prehistoric animals are used in place of modern technology would be fun and there could be some entertaining parallels presented between Homer and Fred. Both clearly have anger management issues. Essentially however the story would be The Simpsons trying to find a way to return to their own time and accept the possibility that they may never be able to return to the modern day. It could be quite a moving story if done right, with plenty of opportunities for witty observations.

Spider-Pig Gains Superpowers


A big part of The Simpsons Movie’s success was Spider-Pig, so why not have a sequel that capitalises on that? I want to see Spider-Pig actually become Spider-Pig. I want to see what happens when a pig is bitten by a radioactive spider. Does he decide to save the very people who eat his kind for Sunday dinner? Or does he turn to the dark side and go on a human killing spree? And if he does go dark, would the Simpsons family be able to stop him?

Superheroes are a big thing at the moment so don’t be surprised if they decide to go down that path. However with The Incredibles 2 and The LEGO Batman Movie both set for release, would it really be wise for Twentieth Century Fox to copy what other animated features are doing?

Those are my ideas for The Simpsons Movie 2, but what would you like to see in a proposed sequel? Let me know in the comments below.


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