Amazing World of Gumball S5 E8 ‘The Scam’

Halloween is upon Elmore and everyone is excited for the great night of the year. In her own way Ms.Simian is also in the mood. Dressed up as Beetlejuice Gumball tells a story. Telling a story he tells them not to say a certain name and ends up saying it multiple times. Apparently summoning a vicious demon, but it turns out to just be Carrie the ghost. It’s good to see other character doing things and Carrie fits the bill as this is a Halloween episode.

Darwin is upset that Gumball is scamming the people and scaring them. Every year Gumball scams the town out of candy, and Darwin is sick of it. He wins over Darwin by telling him that Carrie will need a body to possess to eat candy. Darwin has some feelings for Carrie so he would love to be possessed by her.

The trio scams everyone and gets all the candy they could eat. In a ghostbusters style sequence they solve crime after crime, that of course they cause with Carrie’s help. They keep taking candy until they feel like they should stop. As they are about to dig in, they find the villainous ghost is actually real.and now they actually have to stop it.

All the ghost wants is candy so they feed him what they have. They have to run though as they have run out of candy. Darwin tries to speak to the creature and make him feel. Carrie promises to marry him so he will stop his assault. Darwin is heartbroken but Gumball throws one piece of candy and blows up the beast.

Darwin tries to ask Carrie out and almost gets a yes when Gumball pulls him away. A classic episode of Gumball with some good references all in one Halloween episode. This show really is a treat to watch.



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