My Town Is Getting It’s First Comic-Con (Update #1 11/17/2016)


When I heard that the town I live in (Orillia Ontario, Canada) was getting its first comic-con, I was shocked. It’s a small retirement town that’s  a tourist destination in the summer and relatively quiet in the winter. I usually travel the hour and a half to Toronto for Fanexpo and Toronto Comic-con, but to find out I could attend one not 5 minutes from my place got me excited.

My local comic shop Dr.Comics and more specifically the store owner Carmine De Santo is putting on the event. Needless to say, I’m very excited for this comic con. The first Orillia Comic-con is going to take place Sunday, May 21st, 2017 at the Geneva Event Centre. Tickets are currently on sale now at early bird prices. The cost will up December 2016.

Here are the first four guest announcements.

 FABIAN NICIEZA- Creator of Deadpool, Domino & X-Force



MARK BAGLEY- Creator of Carnage, Venom & Spider-Girl




BOB LAYTON – Marvel Legend Artist & Co-Founder of Valiant




LEONARD KIRK – Marvel & DC Legend Artist




Updated guest Nov.17th 2016 

Ty Templeton- Legendary Canadian artist is known for his work on Superman, Batman, and TV associated comics like ‘Ren and Stimpy’ and ‘The Simpsons’.

Skatronixxx is proudly sponsoring the Con by helping get the word out about it. I will be updating as information is released and I will be at the con enjoying the event and conducting interviews with some of the guests.

I’ve been told that these announcements are just a taste of what’s to come and with a strong start I can’t wait to find out who else will be there!

For prices, packages and info click here

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You can also stay tuned to for details as well.






  1. Sooo COOL man! I was going to tell you that when I was a kid I always thought Venom and Carnage were cool characters. I’ve always liked SpiderMan for some reason but wasn’t able to read the comic books when I was younger. So cool that the creator of those characters is going to be there!

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