The Starters Final Forms are here which will you choose?!

They finally did it they revealed the last stages of Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio. Interestingly enough all of the leaks about what they’d look like really were real. Now I really must admit that they all look really nice and they should as the Final stages usually are very awesome.

Rowlett, the cute little round owl becomes a fierce Grass/Ghost archer called Decidueye. Decidueye really is cool, as he is wearing a hoodie that becomes the string for his bow. Clearly Rowlett has shed its cuteness and then its snobbiness from its second stage Dartrix.

Litten in its final form becomes a Fire/Dark wrestling Tiger known as Incineroar. I think they really didn’t need to make this pokemon stand on its legs, it really should have stayed a quadruped. But it does look menacing and at least it isn’t Fire/Fighting.

Popplio the bold sea lion  becomes a mermaid-esque Water/Fairy seal called Primarina. Primarina is definitely the most girly of the starters and that is okay. Her voice can be as soothing as it is deadly and she loves to perform. Clearly she is based on at least in part by Japanese Idols.

The three other guardians of Alola the Tapu’s were shown. Before now we have only seen Tapu Koko the first guardian. Now we finally get to see who he calls comrades. These pokemon all are super different but each have one amazing Z move called Guardian of Alola. It really does look quite awesome.

First up is Tapu Lele, the Psychic/Fairy of the group who looks rather like a hermit crab. She is rather cute and her ability conjures up psychic terrain which apparently makes things weird.

Then we have Tapu Bulu, who is Grass/Fighting and is clearly Bull like. This pokemon honestly looks funny to me but to each his own. Its ability summons up Grassy Terrain which heals any pokemon on its surface. This Pokemon may be a heavy hitter in the meta games, only time will tell.

Lastly we have Tapu Fini, who is Water/Fairy and when her shell is closed looks like a Marlin. Honestly she has to be my favorite of the three guardians revealed, she just looks the best to me.

Also shown in this trailer was a little cute Pokemon called Cosmog. While it may be cute, it also is going to be integral to the story. I must say I am curious how events will play out and what part this little guy will have in this.

They also showed off Alolan Persian who many feel looks a little garfieldish  and is of the Dark Type. This Pokemon may look somewhat horrendous but it has actually been thought to show off wealth.

The other amazing thing they showed off is some of the Post Game fun we will have. They showed off a league in the making and a tremendous facility called the Battle Tree. After showing off that the Sinnoh Champ Cynthia and the Ralts adoring trailer Wally, they really showed something amazing. Red and Blue are going to be in Sun and Moon, and of course you can battle them. Being the 20th anniversary of the games it makes sense that they’d be in the game, maybe we will even head back to Kanto as the main character moves from there anyway.

All I know is that I am beyond excited and with less than three weeks we don’t have long before the seventh generation begins. Watch the trailer below if you haven’t or if you have because its just that good. Tell me what game you are choosing by tweeting me @StarkWyvrnGamer.



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