Dragon Quest VIII Coming To 3DS In January

The Nintendo 3DS remake for ‘Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King’ is set to release in Europe and America on January 20th 2017. The news comes a few months after the game was delayed from releasing this year, alongside the seventh instalment in the franchise ‘Fragments of the Forgotten Past’.


This isn’t the same version that was released for the PS2 all those years back though, with Nintendo outlining all new features implemented into the game to make for a more streamlined experience. A new quick-save function allows players to save and exit the game whenever they please, whilst battles have the option to be much faster with the introduction of the “Speed Up” feature that lets players fast forward through fights, making those inevitable grinding sessions go a whole lot quicker.

Also added to the game is a new camera function, allowing players to take pictures of their adventure at any point outside of battles and cutscenes. Don’t worry though, this feature isn’t just for those steeped in nostalgia, as new character “Cameron Obscura” situated in “Port Prospect” will give the player “Cameron’s Codex” where you’ll then be rewarded for taking pictures of specific subjects, monsters and situations. The new features don’t stop there however, with two new playable characters to try out, even more side quests, and understandably the biggest new feature of them all: the ability to play on the go!

‘Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King’ is a huge JRPG that will no doubt take up a huge chunk of your time, so I recommend clearing out your backlog before it hits stores on January 20th. You might even get it finished just in time for the Nintendo Switch release in March. Then you will be busy.



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