Harley Quinn Smith joins the cast of Supergirl!


Looks like an episode of Supergirl is getting a double hitter from the Smith family this season. Not only does she get the amazing Kevin Smith, director of the movies Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma and so many more, but also he has brought his beautiful daughter Harley Quinn Smith on set to be part of the cast.


While Kevin is having a blast helping to produce episode 9, that he so lovingly calls “Supergirl lives” after a story he wrote called “Superman lives”, he decided that a little more ‘oomph’ was needed and brought in his beautiful daughter Harley Quinn Smith. If you are a fan of the Smith then you know its not the first time he has brought his mini me to the stage. You can find her in several of his movies like when she played a baby version of him in Jay and Silent Bob strikes back, and will be appearing in the Mallrats TV series.


It has not come to light yet what role she will be playing in Supergirl but I’m sure it doesn’t matter really, just seeing her there is going to be awesome. ^_^


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