Scream Queens SN02 EP04 – ‘Halloween Blues’


From the left, Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer), Dr Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner)


After the untimely death of Chad Radwell in last week’s episode, Chanel is left heart broken. No one else seems that bothered, except for Denise who admits to regularly engaging in role play with him. Fortunately useful news came out of his death, as Musch points out his murder breaks the Green Meanie’s pattern for killing only the cured patients, giving us another clue to the killers motives and identity.

Dean Munsch worried about the reputation of the hospital, heads down to the basement prison along with Denise Hemphill to speak to Hester. Hester suggests throwing a Halloween party to draw the killer out and also requests she attends too. Initially denying her request, Denise finally agrees to her help, letting her attend the party.


Hester (Lea Michelle)


Chanel-O-ween is back y’all! The annual tradition continues, but this year Chanel terrorises her fans with horrid gifts such as puss and diseased whore hearts.

After Chanel is attacked by Hester dressed as Ivanka trump, once again Chanel and No.3 accuse No.5 of being the killer. With No.5 constantly being pushed by the other Chanel’s, will she snap? We have seen her beat up a couple guys after they were mean to wart-covered Tyler. Could she have already snapped? Maybe she’s involved with the Green Meanie?

At the Halloween party, the hospital is flooded with Hamilton costumed patients, used as a distraction by the Green Meanie. Chanel No.5 bumps into Hester, but just before she kills her, the Green Meanie comes along, and Hester allows the Green Meanie to stab her instead. Denise hears No.5’s cries and comes to her aid, but the Green Meanie is waiting for her. With Defibrillators, the Green Meanie shocks her to death. One more main character dead and possibly another, will Chanel No.5 survive a second time round? There seemed to be some killer bonding between the Green Meanie and Hester, and now two killers on the loose, those at the hospital are bound to drop like flies. Will they be able to catch them?

I praise the writers and producers, they really don’t seem to be worried who they kill off this season, annoyingly though, they have killed my two favourite characters. Will they be able to fill the Chad and Denise shaped hole in our hearts?

Some things we still want to know; Will Dr Holt find a cure for Chanel’s blueness? Why did Chad leave all his money to Dean Munsch? Who killed Chad? Will Holt be able to keep has killer hand under control? Noticeably absent was Nurse Hoffel yet again. Will Chanel No.3 and Cassidy’s relationship last? Who is the ‘green meanie’? Are the Green Meanie and Hester working together? Will Chanel No.5 survive?

Let’s have a moment of appreciation for Dr Holt’s costume “The script of Batman vs Superman” also known as “a bloody mess” LOL!

Have you worked out who the killer is? Comment and let us know your theories.

Check out the preview of the next episode below:


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