Second Wonder Woman Trailer Released-It’s Even Better Than The First!


One of the hardest things to do in the film industry is to cut a supreme trailer, that leaves fans pleased and wanting more and not giving away the whole plot. The first trailer for Wonder Woman did that spectacularly, but somehow the second one is miles better than the first. Say what you will about DC, but they know how to cut a fantastic trailer (Eh, minus the second Batman V Superman trailer which left fans divided).

The cinematography is majestic, and it looks like Wonder Woman will be more fun than the other 2 instalments in the DC Universe, Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. Speaking of fun, even though Suicide Squad wasn’t a universally praised movie by critics (in fact in was quite the opposite), fans flocked to see it in theaters week after week. It even had more legs than Batman V Superman. A lot of Suicide Squad success can be attributed to its diversity, and also the fact that it never took itself too seriously, unlike BvS or Man of Steel (which is a masterpiece in my opinion)

I cannot wait for June 2 to see the best female superhero of all time taking a lead on the big screen. My only hope is that it fares better with critics and audiences than the previous attempts in the DC Extended Universe.

You can see the amazing trailer below.


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