Supernatural SN 12 E4 – American Nightmare


This episode gave us some schmexy Winchester Boys in sweaters!  Look at those shoulders!  Somehow, they look so much better than in the usual plaid.

Sorry, I got sidetracked.

I’m really loving this new season with all the throwbacks to the first few seasons.  This was one of the creepiest, made me hold my breath episodes I’ve seen since … Chuck, I can’t remember.

Dean texting his mom.  Let’s see a show of hands… How many of you said… “Ouch”?  C’mon now, don’t lie.  You can’t bull$h!t a bull$h!tter.

All throughout this MotW episode (I’m loving that they’ve all been MotW episodes so far this season), we see how Dean is dealing with the pain of Mary leaving.  He’s being as Sammy called it “Grumpy”… I would call it more… um… dickish.  But, still totally all Dean.  Nobody can quite pull off pain, anger and a side helping of dick without making you hate him better than Dean.  Jensen’s facial expressions tell us everything we need to know about why Dean is being rude to a priest, and as Sammy put it “hard on Carl”.

Of course, Sammy knows why Dean’s acting like he is, too.  Suggesting that sometimes families need some space and time apart.  To which Dean implies that only the Mansons need time apart.

The Case of the Week involves people who are being killed by what appears to be Stigmata.  The “Then” scenes warned us that it was a psychic doing the deed.  I mean, really… that totally gave away that both The Boys were wrong… it wasn’t a ghost or the witch Beth (who Dean really wanted to blame because of his intense dislike of witches, I’m sure).

Sam discovers that the “Creepy Children of the Corn type people” didn’t really kill their daughter by not taking her to the doctor when she had the flu.  They’ve been trying to beat the Devil out of her and keeping her locked in the basement.

I watched this episode more than once… ya know, for science.  The first time was with Lucy.. the second was with a SPN virgin, Katie.  I found myself saying a lot of lines that I thought should’ve been included in the script.  For example, when Sam told Magda that she wasn’t the Devil…  I added, “Because he knows Lucifer himself and you look nothing like him.”  Katie just asked me if that’s what she was to me.  I explained that … yeah, until she’s hooked on The Show… until she’s really hooked…. she’s just bait.

The best line of the episode comes from the Creepy Children of the Corn type people… well Mama CCotC when she asks The Boys, “Do you know God, gentlemen?”  I knew that line was coming because it was in the promo… but when Dean says, “Yeah, we’re besties,” I laughed so hard I started choking.  Chuck would be soooo proud.

I just wanna know why Sam keeps getting caught this season.  He’s getting knocked on the head a LOT.  He should have brain damage by now.  Really.

Anyway, so Sam and (by default) Dean save Magda and decide to give her a second chance since she didn’t know she was killing people with her powers.  And, Dean manages to get the witch’s phone number too.  Of course he did.  I’d give him my phone number too, even if he had been planning on shooting me.

Then after they’ve given Magda to the proper authorities and Mama CCotC is in handcuffs, Dean finally gets an answer to his text to Mary, in which she tells him that she’ll always be MOM and to tell Sam “that I love you boys”.  Sam asks what the text was, and Dean responds “Nothing.”  Aw come ON!  Dean, you should tell Sammy.  Mama said so.  You are sooooo going in time out when she comes back to the bunker.

Then, when they showed us Magda getting off the bus to Santa Cruz, Lucy asked me, “Am I the only one who thinks she’s not getting back on that bus?”  I assured her that she was not alone…. but of course we thought it was because she would CHOOSE not to… not that crazy Mr. Catch that the British MoL sic’d on Sam and Dean would keep her from getting back on the bus.  What a dick!

Oh…next week, Adam Rose comes back as good ol’ bacon loving Aaron Bass to help The Boys fight Hitler.  Here… check it out….


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