TNA Wrestling: Billy Corgan paid back; In walking papers.

impactI’m not going to come off as an informer of TNA news. I’m going to speak as a wrestling fan. TNA has lost it’s only chance of saving themselves from destruction. It’s a sinking ship with a lame captain, and a crew thats ready to form a mutiny against him. What I am taking about is the fact that Impact Ventures has not only thus far regniged on paying back Billy Corgan, they have outed him from the company. I find Corgan as the one who the talent would have followed and trusted with their future.

From Mike Bennett bashing the company on Twitter to Davey Richards also via Twitter announcing his 2017 retirement. Now Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young left the company when times wasn’t that bad but the veterans saw the future and headed for greener pastures.

There’s a lot of young talent on the current TNA roster that can thrive in NXT. I don’t want to see that, I want to see competitive pro wrestling on T.V. Quick side bar as I’m typing this rant I’m watching Eli Drake monolog towards ECIII, making my point of good talent that ne thrive.

Now TNA has funding through the new year so they will continue with tapings. Now what I meant earlier about a real captain Impact Ventures has put a new leader at the helm named Edwin Nordholm. Another business man who don’t know s*** about wrestling. Now I must say Billy Corgan is no Jim Cornette as far as wrestling knowlege, but has passion for wrestling, and has been involved in some form or antoher for along time now. His ideas in TNA was fresh along with bringing in new talent to bolster the roster and credibility of the company.

Looking back on this day, people will recognize this day as one of the  turning points of the downfall of TNA.


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