Animal Crossing Welcomes Amiibo Home

Animal Crossing New Leaf came out about 4 years ago and Nintendo just gave us a big update. In a 16 minute Animal Crossing Direct our new friend Harvey showed off the features coming to Animal Crossing New Leaf.

First of all the power of Amiibo is now here in New Leaf. The Amiibo cards that you may or may not have bought can be used to change up the game. With them you can invite villagers to your town and have them move in. All you have to do is summon your old friend Wisp who will grant you a wish a day.

If you had all the cards you could literally design your perfect town. That’s not to say with a few choice cards you couldn’t have a pretty amazing town anyway.

Have you neglected your town and just don’t feel like keeping this shell of a town alive? Have no fear, if your town is level three or higher you can sell it to Tom Nook for a lovely sum and start a new town with a nice chunk of change!

Another exciting feature is the introduction of MEOW Coupons which you can get for doing simple tasks in game. You can spend these coupons on items Harvey wants to sell and even to buy whatever your friends may have in their RVs.

There is also Harvey’s campground where you visit with characters in their mobile homes. There are of course visitors like Jingle, Wendell and any other special character that may pop in but there are a few new faces.

Exciting things happen when Nintendo Franchises cross over. We have known for awhile that we would be getting Villagers who dress up like Callie and Marie ala the Callie and Marie Amiibo. But now an Octopus character based on the Splatoon Squid joins in.

Also joining in are Legend of Zelda characters. We have Wolf Link from Twilight Princess, Medli of Wind Waker, Classic Blue Pig Gannon, and Link’s trusty steed Epona. Having these characters is only possible through the Legend of Zelda Amiibo but I think that is a pretty nice incentive.

Lastly for those of you that played Happy Home Designer, get ready to decorate your own house using just your stylus! To unlock this feature just pay for the Secret Storeroom and the next day Lottie will be in to give you your new ability! Plus you get access to 20 giant items which really will change up how your home looks.

All I know is this update should ensure fans have some more time with New Leaf before the next installment hits. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some work to do on my new town!


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