Clarence S2 E28 ‘Worm Bin’

Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo are playing around in Jeff’s kitchen. Jeff ever the neat freak, is not a fan of their new composter a worm bin. Clarence and Sumo head out as Jeff is tasked with feeding the worms. He really doesn’t want  to deal with the worms because they are so dirty.

His mother talks him into being okay with it but he still is freaked out when he thinks a worm is in his bed. At night Clarence sneaks into his house and plays with the worms letting them out. When Jeff wakes up he almost throws up seeing the worms. Clarence takes all of the food and sneaks into Jeff’s house and over feeds them.

He glues the box shut but Clarence still opens it and gets Jeff in more  trouble. Of couse Clarence isn’t going to stop doing this it is just too much fun.

Jeff has stopped sleeping and is losing his mind. He aims to get rid of them and give them to Clarence who is ecstatic. They make a plan to get rid of the worms even though Clarence has easily been sneaking in for a week.

Clarence and Sumo sneak in and in the rain they bring the worm bin outside. When they drop the bin Jeff sees that it was Clarence’s fault.He runs around free in the rain but is soon covered in worms.

In the end Jeff realizes they aren’t so bad and even helps garden.


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