Johnny Depp to be in Fantastic Beasts Sequel


Johnny Depp, who is known for taking on rolls that are a bit extraordinary, has decided to try his hand in the wizarding world. Best known for his rolls like Edward Scissorhands, Cry Baby, Captain Jack Sparrow and more, it’s obvious his acting abilities have no boundaries.

It was announced by Warner Bros that the Depp is going to be in the Fantastic Beasts sequel and playing a co-star role, yet no one is letting it out which character that may be. Apparently he is in the Fantastic Beasts movie for a tick, so be sure to keep your eyes open when watching the movie. Fantastic Beasts comes out November 18th (just a few weeks!!!) But the sequel won’t be out until November 2018. (Ugh that is so long!) ^_^



  1. And with that news a whole new group of people suddenly care about the release of this film. Thanks for sharing.


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