MacGyver SN1 E7 – Can Opener


I must admit that I’m having a hard time writing a review for this episode because I’m too f’n excited over next week’s episode.  Why?  Well.  What have I been begging for since the very beginning of this series?  No, no, besides an RDA appearance.

That’s right…. MURDOC!  He’s coming next week!!!!  But more about that later.

This week the opening gambit was almost better than the main part of the episode.  I really enjoyed Angus’ narration story about his dog Archimedes.  Just like with Mac 1.0 (RDA) the seemingly innocent story involves a lesson that will come up later in the episode.  Archimedes, a wolfhound, was Angus’ pet that was an escape artist.  In the main part of the episode, Angus must escape from a maximum security prison in Texas with a high profile Mexican drug lord in tow.  Now, I know you’re thinking “why would they help him escape?”.  Well, because they want to follow him back to his hideout back in Mexico so they can take out his whole organization.

We learn in flashback style clips that before going undercover in the prison, Angus got advice and tips from Riley.  This case was really hard on the tough streetwise hacker girl.  But, we see her loyalty to the man that got her out of her own prison with just a simple scene of Thornton walking in on her asleep in a chair.  Riley bolts awake and into a standing position so fast that if you blinked you missed it.  Then Riley tells Thornton that she’ll go home when Mac comes home.  One little sentence that says so much.  This little team is becoming a family.

There was another piece of paper clip art this week, too.  Big shocker… a key.  But, he didn’t just throw this one down for the camera to do a major zoom on.  This time Mac 2.0 actually used that piece of paper clip art.

This episode reminded me of one from Mac 1.0… Season 1 Episode 20 The Escape.  Mac (RDA) is asked by a beautiful woman to rescue her brother, a missionary, from a North African Jail.  He gets himself arrested and then proceeds to escape the jail with the missionary only to find out that he wasn’t her brother… oh and he wasn’t a missionary.  He was an arms dealer.  Then Mac (and the beautiful woman) have to try and keep from getting killed by not-her-brother and stop the delivery of the arms.

So big surprise that when Angus (that’d be Mac 2.0) helped the drug lord (or as Jack called him… El Nacho Cheese) escape… El Nacho Cheese didn’t hold up his end of the deal and turned on Angus who then had to be saved by Jack and the cavalry.  El Nacho Cheese ends up back in prison with a visit from Angus where we learn that the drug lord has put a $4 million bounty on our hero’s head.  That’s what sets us up for the beginning of an epic rivalry.

If you watched Mac 1.0, then you know who Murdoc is.  Murdoc was initially sent to assassinate Mac and Pete (Thornton 1.0) for a bounty that was placed on Pete’s head…. Mac was just the unlucky cab driver that picked Pete up that day (that was how the two friends met).  It was Jack Dalton 1.0’s cab, so eventually poor Jack got pulled into the fight with Murdoc too.

So… next week we get to meet Murdoc 2.0.  I’m soooo excited!

After watching this peek at next week, you will be too!


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