Monster Hunter Generations brings out the Anime World in November

Monster Hunter Generations has been rolling our DLC for a while now. They have had Mega Man, Zelda, and quite. A few other game series thrown into the mix. This month they are going into the Anime World with some interesting titles.

You can turn your Felyne into our favorite Exceed from Fairy Tail or even turn it into Yugi’s Dark Magician. There is also a Yowamushi Pedal costume for the Felyne which looks crazy.

Besides that there are costumes based on Alibaba and Aladdin from Magi and costumes based on the anime Ushio and Tora. There are also costumes based on the anime Crows and Baki the Grappler.

Though I may not be a huge Monster Hunter fan I think it’s super cool that they are working with amazing properties to extend the life of their game. Curious to see what else they may throw into the mix.

Check out the trailer the below and feel free to tweet me @StarkWyvrnGamer to tell me what other properties you think could work in Monster Hunter!


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