The Amazing World of Gumball S5 E9 ‘The Test’

The episode begins with Gumball talking about the power of the internet and how stupidly we often use it.Sarah the ice cream cone gets Gumball to answer a quiz and finds out he is a loser.

Darwin tries to get Gumball to think it is a good thing but it won’t work. Gumball decides he must be the exact opposite of what he normally is, which of course doesn’t work because he’s an idiot.

Gumball works to be nice and it is increasingly hard as the people around him upset him.Suddenly we end up watching a show where Tobias is now the loser of the show. Gumball in an attempt to never say bad things might be popular but he is losing his mind.

Sarah is annoyed with the falseness of this world and aims to change it, a clip show is no way to live. Suddenly Tobias calls in his “sister” Anais who of course is Gumball’s sister. Sarah wants to destroy him as he ruining the continuity of the show. Gumball won’t give up his popularity and he suddenly ends up at his home at night though Tobias is in the family now.

Out of nowhere the show becomes a Christmas special and in an attempt to boost ratings they bring in a robot. When Gumball sees his girlfriend dating Penny he can’t help but want to spit his venomous words. When Sarah talks about dreams Tobias wakes up from his dream just before Gumball spits all of his venom reverting the world to its amazing self.


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