The Vampire Diaries SN8 E3 – You Decided That I Was Worth Saving


I am so pissed!

No.  I’m not joking.

There was absolutely no reason for it to be Tyler.  Why couldn’t it have been Sheriff Dumb@$$?  It would’ve accomplished the same thing for the story line and wouldn’t have had to be our favorite werewolf.  I’m seriously ticked about this.  So angry in fact that writing this review is gonna be hard.

Very hard.

I did like the title though.  If you’ll recall, I told you before the season started that Julie Plec had announced that all the episode titles this season would come from popular lines from Season 1 of the show.  This one’s title comes from a line Damon said to Katherine who was pretending to be Elena at the time in the finale of Season 1.

I spent the whole hour just waiting for Bonnie Badass to make an appearance.  That’s right, I was waiting for Bonnie’s magic to come back.  I mean, think about it… it HAS to come back for the show to have a happily ever after type ending.  Here’s why…  If Sybil could be killed, The Armory would’ve done it 200 years ago.  That’s why she was just “sealed” up in the vault… they couldn’t kill her.  And, c’mon, put on those thinking caps… What is needed to seal Sybil up?

If you said a Bennett witch, then give yourself a cookie!

There’s been something seriously bugging me about this season so far, and tonight, I finally figured out what it was.  I don’t like Sybil.

No, no… hear me out.  Up to this point all the Big Bads of the show have had some sort of redeeming quality.  Some unique ability to make you like them even though you hated them.  First, the bad guy was Damon… and he had us from “Hello, Brother”.  Aside from the sheer beauty of him (Gawd, he’s pretty), his wise cracks made you laugh and you could see the chinks in his armor.  In fact, you may have said “He’s such an ass,” way too many times to count, but you did it with an endearing grin and a wicked little chuckle.  Then there was Katherine.  Mostly, you just felt sorry for Katherine, but even she said or did things that made ya laugh.  And, let’s not forget the molten hot Klaus… we loved to hate him so much they gave him a spin off series.  Oh… and Kai.  He was almost redeemable, if Bonnie had blown that one.  He was such a smart @ss, and such a scene stealer, that you couldn’t help but wait with bated breath until he appeared on screen again.  Oh yeah, and Damon’s “she puts the lotion in the basket” conversation with The Huntress?  Well, that’s just stuff of comedic legend right there.  Besides, she wasn’t technically evil, and she did save Penny and Sheriff Dumb@$$.

But Sybil?  Hold on a minute, I’m thinking…..

Nope, not one… not one single redeeming quality.  Not a single f’n one.  And her whiny “I just want everyone to love me” BS is really just starting to piss me off.

I thought they were going to do this last season to do the story justice.  Well, if this is justice, I want no part of it…..

Well until next week that is… cause God knows I’m riding this train all the way to the station.

Speaking of next week… here’s a peek…


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