Bienvenue à la Paris Games Week 

The PGW 2016 opened the doors between the 27th and 31st of October this year in Paris as you guessed. If you don’t know what is the Paris Games Week, it is a video game show, same as E3 or Gamescom but let’s say since it first show, PGW grew a lot over the years since last time I went on 2012. I can even say it became a big time rival of the Gamescom as they are both big names when it comes to video games salon in Europe. 

But this year, they planned to make it big, really big as they wanted to attract not only the developers but also gamers all over the world to try and play the new and fresh one that just been released as Final Fantasy 15, Just Dance, Gear of War 4 or even GT sports

But trust me, they weren’t the only games present to show that they were serious, as most of the VR existing today were present as well but unfortunately due to a long wait to just play for 10 mins, I didn’t bother to try them… Even though Playstation VR was present, you needed actually to book a place a few days before the salon was opened as they anticipated the demand to test it, smart Sony.

But let’s talk about the games that I have played and seen that you are all interested really.

Final Fantasy was actually the big game of the salon as it was present in both Playstation and Square Enix section on the show. This game look literally amazing, the graphics are superbs and the colour really joyful to watch, the mechanism of the gameplay was easy to take in hand if I’m honest but the camera unfortunately do not do justice sometimes during a fight against monsters. I could chose actually to do certains missions that will be part of the game when it will pass gold but the transition of the 4 characters is actually useful as they ain’t just there to be there basically, they participate relentlessly in the fight covering you from being attacked by other opponents while slashing your target!! I had the choice to also drive the car or let the computer do the job for me until arrived at destination but don’t hope to drive it mad as a GTA

But the focus wasn’t only for Final Fantasy 15, TitanFall 2 was overwhelmed by numbers of players waiting to touch this little fast pace action. There was also Ni-Ho, but my little brother had the pleasure to try it out as I had the beta early this year but I can tell you guys, this isn’t for the casual gamer… One that actually impressed me a lot was For Honor of Ubisoft, this game is excellent graphically and visually and the dinamysn of the fight which I thought would be really slow, was actually fast and didn’t let you to guess where the opponents will strike from. 

Also one that I have been waiting since it has been announced was present and playable: Kingdom Hearts 2.8, the wait ton put the pad in your hand was aactually of a hour, so I let you guessed if I played it or not?! 

But there wasn’t only games during the show as it was happening in three different building as well, the gaming building, kids building which involved all sorts of TV shows and games for kids and the tournament building where you could participate or watch live event as League of Legends tournaments,  Clash Royal and others. 

Obviously if you had read my preview cover of the Play Expo in Manchester, you would know that I am a big fan of cosplay and when I say there was a breaking record during the PGW, 270 Lara Croft showed up, all looking amazing and sexy as the real one… well more as the virtual  one.

But for sure, this year the Paris Games Week went really big in terms of showing that it could attract big developers in the gaming industry, new ideas to please even the kids and entertain them but also to bring big E-sport events as well to please and be recognised as a fonce in this industry. If I have one advised to everyone: go and see it by yourself as you would enjoy it as much. 

Paris Games Week review… out!! 


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