DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Sn 2 Ep 2

Season 2 episode 2 – The Justice Society of America

At the end of the previous episode, Out of Time, the team had just ensured the safety of the Einsteins and New York City in one tiny little change to the timeline.  As they try to skedaddle out of 1942, they are stopped in their tracks by the JSA, Rex Tyler’s hardcore old school team.


The JSA, consisting of Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull), Obsidian (Dan Payne), Stargirl (Sarah Grey), Dr. Mid-Nite (Kwesi  Ameyaw) and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) handily school our Legends, and take them to the JSA base, where our team wakes up in the hoosegow, and immediately begin to squabble.  Rex Tyler (Patrick J Adams) and team watch the performance on the vacuum tube monitor, while Rex wonders why the Legends would claim to know him.  He hasn’t met them (yet).

They enter the clink, where Nate proves to Commander Steel that he is his grandson.  Steel seems standoffish and somewhat underwhelmed, but nevertheless accept that our team are from the future and let them out of their cage.  Rex essentially tells our heroes to let the grownups talk, assuming that Grey (Jax’s nickname for Stein, and I like it!) is the team Leader.  No stereotyping or gender bias here! When Grey has finished telling Rex the story of their meeting, Rex decides that the best thing that they can do for 1942 is be on their merry way, back to the future.  The President of the USA calls the JSA on the bat phone,  to tell them that Baron Krieger has been spotted in Paris, and that they are needed to find out what he is up to.  Vixen travels ahead to spy on the Nazi.

Meanwhile, in Paris, we discover that the rogue time traveller is Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher), the Reverse Flash, who meets with Krieger (André Eriksen) to give him a serum for making super soldiers in exchange for an as yet unknown to us item.  Can anyone else smell the buildup to a crossover episode?

The team, back on the Waverider, decide that they should have a team leader, and Grey, by virtue of voting loudly, logically and often, is elected.  Nates’ Grandfather’s dog tags vanish, which indicates there has been a change in history.  Gideon tells them that the JSA has been wiped out in Paris.  Back once more unto the breach!  Our team travels to the famous Follies Bergere, where Gideon tells them the JSA should be found and coincidentally where Hitlers’ favorite songster hangs out on occasion.  And guess who resembles the songster?  Grey, that’s who.  So that’s their ticket in to the club, which is closed for a private event.  Grey blusters their way in, and when challenged by one of the higher ranking Nazis there, proves his credentials by telling the band ” Key of G, watch me for the changes” and breaks into Edelweiss.  Holy Doc Emmet Brown, Marty!  Grey can actually SING!!

The rest of the team has been scouting the club for the JSA, but are only able to find Vixen. Ray suavely cuts in on her dance partner to tell her the troubling news, while Nate discovers what it is that Baron Krieger is going to be delivering to an unnamed party, and where.  While they are on their way out, someone shouts “Heil Hitler” and Ray is caught not saluting.  Ray tries to explain about his bad shoulder but the General isn’t buying it, so what the hey, Ray starts the bar fight.  The JSA enter the club and Stargirl renders all insensate with a blast from the staff.  The Legends tell they JSA they are there to help, like it or not, so Grey and Rex lay plans for ambushing the exchange in the forest.  Right around this time, Sara discovers Nate’s secret – he’s a hemophiliac, and Vixen tells Ray he’s no superhero.

During the ambush, the best laid plans go awry as Kreiger runs into the forest and takes the super soldier serum, ending up with Ray and Vixen as captives.  But all is not lost, the Legends and the JSA have the amulet.  Rex is all for leaving Ray and Vixen behind as casualties of war and the B-52 strike he wants to call in, but Sara will have none of it.  The resulting argument on board the ship exposes Greys’ weakness as a leader, and he surrenders leadership to the heart and soul of the team, the rightful leader, Sara. Meanwhile, the captive Ray bargains with Krieger for Vixens’ life.  He will make the super soldier serum better for Krieger. As the Legends and the JSA create a diversion outside the bunker, Sara and Mick infiltrate the bunker looking for Ray and Vixen.  Sara finds Vixens’ amulet, and Ray and Vixen find Sara and Mick.  Steel and Mid-Nite run into super Kreiger, and Nate rides to the rescue on a bicycle built for two.  The bombing run commences, hopefully killing Krieger, but the blast also knocks Nate and Steel off the bike.  Later on, in the sick bay, as Nate lies bleeding to death internally, Grampa Steel watches over him, and Ray decides to give Nate the modified super soldier serum to save him.  No one knows what the amulet they recovered from the Nazis’ does, but Rex says that they will keep it safely tucked away, at JSA headquarters.  And lo and behold, the Reverse Flash enters the JSA, kills Rex, and takes the amulet.  Is that why he vanished in 2016?  But he hasn’t made that trip yet!  The Reverse Flash takes the occult amulet.  Vixen enters HQ to find Rex dying on the floor. Oh goodness.  Will she swear to avenge his death?  With his dying breath, Rex whispers, “Legends”.

Fade to Black.

Next Episode Teaser – Shogun



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