Big Bang Theory S10 E7 ‘The Veracity Elasticity’

This episode begins with something that we haven’t seen on the show in a while “Fun with Flags.” They have a new intro performed by Raj and Howard their new house band. Sheldon of course isn’t that impressed by their work. Sheldon and Amy really are good together and it is rather nice that they are so close. It comes out that Amy’s apartment is fixed and she has been lying to Sheldon.

Sheldon and Amy start talking about what they want for dinner, and Sheldon suggests they pop in to their apartment not knowing he’s been lied too. She continues to divert his attention until she gets him to go to dinner. The next day Sheldon is worrying about Amy and what she’s been up to. Leonard tells him what she has been up to and he both feels good and bad about it, which certainly makes sense.

Howard tells Leonard what Penny has been up to, as she has been moving out his collectibles to storage. Penny tries to get Amy to tell her truth about the apartment until she finally forces her to give up the truth. Now the group all knows but Amy doesn’t know Sheldon knows. When Sheldon tries to pry, Penny even starts lying to protect Amy.

Suddenly all the truth is out and Penny is offended that Leonard won’t just side with her about his collectibles. Howard and co come inside and Penny asks why Bernadette told Howard about Penny hiding Leonard’s things. Sheldon says he would be open to moving in with Amy.

Sheldon and Amy discuss moving away from the area.When Sheldon freaks out Amy attempts to calm him with the Star Trek Theme and then 2001 a Space Odyssey’s theme.  Leonard gives up his stuff so Penny can decorate their room to her liking.

Sheldon freaks out heads to his room to find his old room is a sex dungeon, good thing this is all a dream. Sheldon tries to ask his friends for help but realizes he needs to make his own decision.He tries to pick between living with Amy and moving back in with Leonard. Amy uses her brains and is able to guide Sheldon back to their place.

In the closing scene Penny redecorates their bedroom and its a little too girly. Leonard sneaks a little bit away and hides it Sheldon and Amy’s place. I think Penny would certainly notice this happening.


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