Bob’s Burgers S7 E8 ‘They Serve Horses, Don’t They’

Gene has hurt his arm and the kids are using this to stop working. His rival comes in to tell them that his restaurant sucks and that he has been saving 1000 a month by buying meat from a guy.

They call the guy and he talks them into a trial box. Bob doesn’t enjoy the meat but it probably is just him second guessing himself. It turns out his though was right as the health inspector Hugo comes in and tells them it is Horse meat. Bob ends up joining him on a sting operation to learn about the meat guy

Bob calls to order more meat  and Tina is freaking out because she loves Horses. Bob decides to talk to his new guy about  meat. They find out nothing about the meat guy and Hugo vows them to try it again. Louise blackmails them into letting the kids stay in the van after Tina acts weird.

Jack the meat guy invites Bob and the family to his party. They have made an impression and that is a good thing. I wonder how and if they will catch this guy in the act. He clearly is serving Horse and that is just a weird thing to serve especially if you aren’t telling the buyers.

The family heads to the party and they have to work to keep Tina in check. The party goes great for everyone except for Bob. Gene and Louise  are eating, Linda is drinking, and Tina is with her love interest Jimmy Jr.

Bob talks to Jack and he finds out that he is trying to get him in trouble. Bob runs away but Jack chases him, he soon sides down a slip n slide and throws the tape to Hugo who can’t catch. The tape doesn’t break and they turn it in.

Jack comes into apologize and Teddy is upset that he can’t have horse meat anymore. Jack reads them his new novel “Friday Night Meats” as the episode ends. In the credits the characters all slide down the slip n slide. A humorous episode that makes you think a little about what really could be in burgers. Maybe you’ve had Horse recently and haven’t known.




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