Family Guy S5 E4 ‘Inside Family Guy’

The episode begins with a parody of Dr.Who called Dr.Who Farted. The Dr has farted in his Tardis and he and his assistant can’t leave until it dissipates. The characters are unsure of who speaks first in the episode and we soon back out showing that it is being filmed.

The characters all talk about the show Office style starting with Lois. Lois is always having trouble with Peter cheating on her.Chris says that originally the show was all about him.

James Woods then goes to talk to Stewie who says he really does hate the show and only does it for the boost for his side business. James Woods goes into the writers room and we find out that Quagmire has found god.

Peter runs into the writer’s room angered by a script. Peter has become a terrible monster on the set and won’t even rehearse unless its with balloons. Stewie calls Fox to get Peter fired and replaced. We find out Brian was “killed off” to make a movie. Peter has no idea he was fired. There is a nice Adam West cameo where he is dressed as 1960’s Batman.

Peter finds out he was shot and killed in the next episode. We find out he is being replaced by David Spade who is playing Uncle Ricky. Peter is given one more chance but he quickly blows it. Peter decides to live in a hotel for the time being and is happy to be in a cheerio’s commercial.

Peter is having a good time not working because he can do his own thing. James Woods talks about the flashbacks and how hard they work to get these done. Peter is soon thrown out of the hotel for not paying and ends up in a terrible apartment.

The cast is about to film the first episode without Peter and we find out that David Spade is really the most annoying person to work with. Peter gets on the lot by successfully pitching a show to the network executives. Peter apologizes to everyone and he is brought back onto the show. Getting rid of David Bowie is darkly humorous as he gets Sofia Vergara deported. The last thing we find out that Peter does this thing every week, before seeing a super cut of all the times Peter was hit in the sack with a bag of nickels.



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