Family Guy Season 15 E5 ‘Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date’

Lois tells Peter to take Meg and Chris to school so she can kill a squirrel, it turns out to be Cleveland’s step son Rallo dressed up in a squirrel costume. Chris needs to find a date to a dance after his friend Neil tells him he bringing the vice principal.

Peter is at a stop light and is doing stupid things as usual when a man mistakes him for an Uber driver. He accepts the twenty dollars because he could use the money.

Chris goes to talk to Stewie who is trying to suffocate his Teddy Bear. Stewie introduces Chris to Taylor Swift and her music before suggesting he ask her to the dance.

Peter goes to become an Uber driver and it is super easy. Stewie and Chris are in a Taylor Swift style video so they can send it to Taylor Swift. Chris makes a video himself instead and Taylor accepts. He then dumps Seamus the pirate with a wooden body who is saddened by the news.

The family is excited that Chris has a date with Taylor Swift. The family run up and talk to her except for Meg and Brian.

Peter is a terrible Uber driver of course. He doesn’t take his charge to the airport because he needs to do a few errands.

Taylor and Chris hit it off at the dance. After the dance they kiss, looks like they are a thing now. Chris is over the moon even creating art for her. Taylor wrote a song about Chris and it really upsets him. It really isn’t the nicest song obviously. They decide to head off to Taylor Swift’s house to see why she wrote the song.

Taylor apologizes to Chris and tells them to come to her concert that night. Peter is beat up by cab drivers. They light Brian’s car on fire and he is an Uber driver no more. Taylor writes a song about like Chris and the fans hate it. Chris breaks up with her so she won’t lose her fans. Brian calls an Uber and its Peter.

The episode ends with a false late night show scene. A random scene in a pretty connected episode but all Family Guy episodes have these moments.


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